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Tesla Deletes Bitcoin (BTC) Amid False News! This Altcoin is Set to Outperform Chainlink (LINK) in 2023

The cryptocurrency market has witnessed a bizarre turn of events in the past few weeks. For instance, there were unconfirmed reports of Tesla deleting Bitcoin from the source code of its payments page but at the same time, it continues to accept payments in Dogecoin. As in the past, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has supported Dogecoin, many analysts feel the two things could be linked. Meanwhile, the market saw DigiToads (TOADS) emerge as one of the best cryptocurrencies to buy after clocking strong presale growth. DigiToads added another feather to its cap after it collected over $6.5 million in presale funding. With its meteoric rise, DigiToads has featured on many analysts’ best cryptocurrency ico lists for 2023.

DigiToads includes a Web 3.0 game that keeps you hooked

Since its launch a few months ago, DigiToads has been posting strong growth while leaving analysts and crypto enthusiasts equally impressed. Its native coin is the TOADS token that is powered by Ethereum’s ERC-20 protocol. The token is used for making all kinds of payments and distributing rewards on the network. The Ethereum-based cryptocurrency is built on a hybrid DeFi model. With its unique model, DigiToads is able to offer its users a multitude of options for earning passive income. These options include staking, trading, participating in Web 3.0 games and other contests, and even getting tokens as a reward for active participation.

Another notable factor about the TOADS token is its deflationary character which controls the coin supply in such a way that price fluctuations are reduced to a minimum. In a deflationary model, the token supply is always less than the demand. If it increases, the extra tokens are burned or destroyed.

You can count DigiToads’ play-to-earn game among its most popular offerings. The game is designed in a Metaverse swamp where the challenges never end. Players have to outperform their rivals and bag high scores. The season’s highest scorers get TOADS tokens as a prize. There is also a variety of in-game assets that players can buy to get ahead in the game. One of the in-game assets is a digital creature called DigiToad. Being powerful creatures having unique powers, a DigiToad can serve loyal soldiers who stay by the players’ side. The other in-game assets that can be bought with TOADS tokens are food, potion, and training equipment for these digital creatures. All prizes in the game are distributed from a prize pool that is maintained by the DigiToads team.

Over the next few months, the DigiToads team will be launching an official merchandise range for fans of the platform and an online think tank.

Is Chainlink headed for a bear moment? Here’s what analysts are saying

Chainlink is a blockchain abstraction layer that powers smart contracts. Its native token is LINK which is the main cryptocurrency on the network. Called one of the altcoins to watch out for in 2023, Chainlink draws its power from an oracles-based network that enables smart contracts to access critical off-chain data. The data is collected through secure interactions between the blockchain network, data feeds, payment solutions, and events. The platform is maintained by a thriving community of node operators, smart contract developers, data providers, and security auditors, among others. Another unique factor about Chainlink is that it gives node operators the opportunity to operate data infrastructure in exchange for rewards. The data infrastructure supports the blockchain network’s optimal growth. Despite its popularity, Chainlink has been witnessing negative price action. According to analysts, LINK token’s recent performance and market indicators point to a potential bearish sentiment.


Given their utility-centric features, Chainlink and DigiToads are innovative investment options that can be considered if you are confused about what cryptos to buy now. However, according to analysts, DigiToads’ higher growth potential gives it leverage over Chainlink. If you are someone who’s keen on long-term returns, then DigiToads serves as a better option because of its hybrid DeFi model. With the multiple opportunities that users get to earn residual income, they can build a steady source of income while securing their future. Lastly, its decentralized platform ensures that community members stay updated about operational matters and even get a chance to contribute to decision-making.

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