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Thai Scientists may Have Found a Cure to the Coronavirus

The coronavirus has kept the world in its grip since early December 2019. In Thailand, some progress has been made on finding a cure.

To treat victims of the coronavirus, an experimental cocktail of various drugs is being experimented with.

A Potential Coronavirus Cure

In this case, scientists use a combination of anti-virals for the flu and HIV.

The first woman this was tested on saw dramatic improvements in her health.

In fact, 48 hours after receiving the experimental cure, she tested negative for the coronavirus.

While this is not necessarily the “best” cure, it can certainly be used on a grand scale.

Other countries are still working on their own cures, but will eagerly keep an eye on this potential solution. 

For now, the Thai Ministry of Health is still awaiting further research results to confirm the findings.

After all, just because it works on one person doesn’t mean it works for everyone else.

This news comes at a crucial time in the coronavirus timeline.

Over 300 people have succumbed from the virus already, with hundreds more infected at this time.

Finding a permanent cure to this virus becomes more crucial each passing day.

These findings in Thailand show that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, however slim it may be at this time.

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