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The Iconic Bored Ape Yacht Club to be Released as a Bitcoin NFT collection

BAYC Bitcoin NFT Collection Becomes the Hottest News in the Field Amidst the Сrypto Winter Snowbreak

Over the past couple of weeks the original BAYC monkeys have marked themselves as the second most popular selling NFT collection worth $1.3M. The offspin of the ultimate NFT collection has now been released on the ultimate blockchain of Bitcoin.

The Ordinals protocol, which has been originally introduced to crypto in 2014, has gained momentum along with the market interest two weeks ago when the option of creating NFTs on the Bitcoin blockchain was revealed. The main idea of such NFTs is that they are completely stored on the blockchain, which is possible thanks to the updates of SegWit (2017) and Taproot (2021). Ordinals was also the first protocol to create a Bitcoin NFT. The latest & hottest NFT collection named the Ordinal Punks – inspired by the legendary CryptoPunks – has already appeared on the marketplace, with the Ordinal Punk NFT #620 being sold for 9.5 BTC (~$215,000).

The next one to have their say within the rapid bloom of Bitcoin NFTs  is BAYC Bitcoin NFT, a which is extremely popular with celebrities and brands – Eminem for example has recently joined the list of BAYC holders, he purchased his monkey for the staggering 123.4 ETH (~$380,000) and made it his avatar on Instagram, other celebrity owners being Justin Bieber, Snoop Dogg, and Jimmy Faloon.

BAYC BITCOIN NFT is a collection of 10,000 original monkeys with unique Bitcoin traits, as well as 10 ultra rare signature NFT monkeys in Satoshi masks. The mint of the collection is set to kick off on February, 17 at 11:00 UTC. The users who are lucky enough to secure a mint will become the owners of a BAYC NFT for a flat price of 0.01 BTC. Given the success of the previous BAYC collections, there is good evidence that BAYC BITCOIN NFT will perform just as well.

To make it even more compelling, as soon as the BAYC Bitcoin NFT collection is 100% minted, the user to have minted the BTC BAYC #910 will receive a 1 BTC offer from the team in exchange for it.

”This is an exciting time for the world of bitcoin and NFTs, the potential of this and other similar projects designed and implemented via the Bitcoin blockchain is huge. The level of interest in the Bitcoin NFTs continues its exponential growth despite the current fees, proving that there is a huge demand for reunion with the technological roots of the blockchain technology”, says Mike Fritz, CTO at Baycbitcoin. – “The NFT market is booming again, and this immense interest might be the best indicator of the hatching bull market”.

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