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UniSwap (UNI) and PancakeSwap (CAKE) Could be the Top Exchanges in 2023, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Set to Democratize the VC Industry

The collapse of the FTX exchange in 2022 underscored the need for decentralized exchanges with no central point of control. Likewise, UniSwap (UNI) and PancakeSwap (CAKE) stand out as some of the exchanges that could outperform in 2023 as Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) also moves to revolutionize the venture capital industry following 1815% gains.


Orbeon Protocol Democratizing Venture Capital

Orbeon Protocol is an innovative project that seeks to limit the barriers to investment in the venture capital and crowdfunding industry. By opening up the sectors, it plans to make it easy for regular investors to invest in early startups with tremendous potential.

For the longest time, access to the world’s promising startups has been restricted to wealthy investors and rarely available to everyday investors. The same is poised to change with Orbeon Protocol unveiling an investment platform that will fractionalize stakes in startups through equity-backed non-fungible tokens.

Through fractionalized equity-backed NFTs, regular investors can invest as little as $1 to gain a piece of the highly prospective startups. Whenever a company wishes to raise Money, it will mint and fractionalize the NFTS offering an opportunity for investors to purchase the small fractions, representing an investment in the company.

ORBN is the token that will make everything possible in investing in companies through fractionalized stakes. The token is to double up as a governance token according to holders’ right to vote on key decisions and upcoming projects.

Additionally, staking will be made possible by allowing ORBN token holders to lock their holdings in liquidity pools to help secure the network and enhance liquidity. In return, they stand to earn some passive income. Incredibly, the ORBN token is set to rise by over 6000% once it hits exchanges, which has further driven demand for the token to new heights.


UniSwap Growing DEX Prospects

UniSwap (UNI) is pushing boundaries by making it easy for people to send and receive cryptocurrencies without any middleman. Uniswap (UNI), a decentralized exchange, is also known for its superfast transaction speeds and limited fees, making it perfect in the evolving world of decentralized finance.

Additionally, UniSwap has made it possible for Apple to trade an array of ERC-20 tokens without any central body while also making transactions anonymous. The launch of UniSwap V3, which offers various features, including a tiered fee system and centered liquidity pools, has set the exchange apart.

The UniSwap network’s native token UNI is already up by more than 30% for the year on the back of increased trading volumes, and the improved network’s focus on decentralized exchanges in 2030 should see UniSwap become a top exchange.

PancakeSwap Growth Opportunities

PancakeSwap is another decentralized exchange on the cusp of impressive gains with its native CAKE token. PancakeSwap lets users trade various BEP-20 tokens without having to pass any KYC, let alone rely on intermediaries.

In addition, PancakeSwap has ventured into the world of Non-fungible Tokens, all but broadening its growth opportunities. PancakeSwap also supports the staking of cryptocurrencies, providing another way for generating some passive income.

PancakeSwap has established itself as one of the biggest exchanges, with thousands of investors using it to make exchanges. PancakeSwap’s native CAKE token is already up by more than 20% for the year and is poised to rise significantly in 2023.

Bottom Line

The push to democratize the venture capital industry affirms Orbeon Protocol’s long-term prospects. Its native ORBN token should increase in value as more people flock to the platform to invest in unicorns through fractionalized stakes. Similarly, PancakeSwap and UniSwap have what it takes to post significant gains amid growing focus and interest in decentralized exchanges.

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