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The Last Manufacturer of VHS Players Will end Production This Month

Over the past few decades, video content has evolved from VHS to DVD, to BluRay, and now online streaming It now appears that the golden days of video recorders will not come back anytime soon.

To this date, there is only one company still manufacturing video recorders.

The VHS Era Comes to an end

Funai Electric in Japan claims it is the last company on the planet to actively produce VHS players.

Surprisingly, the company noted strong sales until last year.

Sales dropped to just 750,000 units in 2019, a far cry from its peak of 15 million VCRs.

Due to decreasing demand and productivity, sourcing parts is both costly and challenging.

As a result, the company will shut down its VHS player manufacturing process later in May. 

Contrary to other technologies going in and out of fashion, it seems unlikely that VCRs will make  a comeback in the future.

On Amazon, there are still plenty of listings for VHS movies.

People are still actively buying these items, as there are a lot of working VCRs still in circulation today.

It is unlikely that these will become collector’s items in the future, although one never knows what the future may hold. 

Fans of VHS tapes will undoubtedly find a way to view their videos in one way or another.

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