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Giants Like KFC Are Looking to Improve Advertising Transparency With Blockchain Technology

While cryptocurrencies still continue to fight their battle for adoption, blockchain technology seems to be performing a lot better on that front. More and more major companies are either accepting it or at least conducting tests in order to assess its benefits and potential impact of implementing it into their business strategy.

The latest example of this appears to be KFC, a global fast-food chain that now wishes to use the blockchain to improve transparency in advertising.

According to reports, KFC Middle East, specifically, plans to use a solution based on this technology to keep track of various ad campaigns, verify ad delivery, and their impact on increasing the company’s visibility.

At the same time, this method can also be used for eliminating fraud.

Blockchain’s Role in Next-Gen Advertising

Advertising has come a long way since the introduction of the internet. Originally, advertisers had to collect data from all kinds of different sources, run campaigns based on vague and mismatched insights, and alike. 

This all changed when the internet brought easy tracking of browsing behavior, IP addresses, customers’ interests and activities, and more. However, this method, while very helpful for advertisers, also comes as a very intrusive and privacy-violating behavior.

This is why the use of blockchain technology in advertising comes as quite a necessary and revolutionary use case for emerging technology. 

As you may know, blockchain is transparent, but it also allows people to keep their privacy. But, more importantly, it can connect the companies that are trying to sell their product directly to the users. In other words, firms like KFC would no longer need advertising companies, or popular platforms like Facebook to act as intermediaries between them and the clients.

Using Blockchain for Advertising 

There are already multiple examples where blockchain is already put to use for advertising purposes. One example is the Brave browser, which uses blockchain technology to deliver ads to its users. the browser blocks all other ads online, and instead of forcing the user to watch them, it gives them a choice.

Of course, it also gives them an incentive by rewarding them for watching ads with Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards. But even so, the user can choose whether or not they wish to watch the ads.

Another example that can turn into one of the dominants in the niche is a project called YOUengine, which allows brands and businesses to simply open an account, fund it with YOUcash tokens, and use the platform to target over 4 billion users. YOUengine is incredibly flexible and it can be adapted to meet the businesses’ needs, whether they wish to target millions of people around the globe, or only a few people in their local region.

The project allows for real-time targeting and ad delivery. All that the user needs to do is download its app, make an account, and register. This includes identity verification, as well as up to 400 fields of opt-in profile data, so that they could be targeted with better ads, and receive better product offerings.

Also, speaking of YOUengine, those who are looking to make money can do so by participating in top quality bounties, such as YOUengine’s bounty. The bounty is listed on Tokpie exchange’s new crypto bounty platform. It allows trading bounty stakes of different projects. As a result, users can see a market cap of any project on an early stage – before its listing on exchanges.  There is nothing like that out there at this time. The platform is easy to understand, and it very much like CoinMarketCap, but for bounties. The users of this platform can make money by participating in selected top quality bounties, selling stakes, and alike — all without having to wait for months, unlike the services offered by some traditional solutions. And as mentioned, YOUengine is already listed among the top-selected bounties.


The role of blockchain technology in advertising is growing, and a number of projects are working on introducing it to businesses globally. By choosing blockchain, they can stop providing large payments to advertisers, cut out the middle-man, and connect to their targeted audience directly.

This saves time and money for the company, and it is less annoying, and even profitable, for the regular user. Best of all, it is all transparent, so there can be no scams or fraud — just simple, quality business that is better for everyone involved.

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