The Spencer Dinwiddie Bond Sale on Ethereum Draws Near

A lot of Ethereum community members look forward to the Spencer Dinwiddie token sale. The issuance of debt securities in the form of PAInTs will certainly create some excitement.

There is a lot more to ethereum than just its native ether currency.

The Spencer Dinwiddie Hype is Real

Many projects have been built on this blockchain, with many more to come.

Dreamfanshares is perhaps one of the most interesting options on the market today.

Its goal it to let athletes, artists and influencers create native tokens to engage with their audience or fans.

One of the first big names to explore this option is Spencer Dinwiddie. 

This NBA player sees merit in issuing his own asset to further engage with fans all over the world.

Known as SD8 tokens, these Professional Athlete Investment Tokens will grant benefits to holders.

Holders will receive regular principal and interest payments backed by the NBA contract of Spencer Dinwiddie.

If he steps up his game and gets a better contract the token holders will benefit as well.

The tokens are issued by SD8 LLC in the form of debt securities.

Tokens linked to Spencer Dinwiddie will be created on the ethereum blockchain in a few days from now.

The tokens are only accessible to accredited investors. 


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