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The Three Best AI Cryptos in 2023: Fetch ai, CryptoGPT, and Avorak AI

As the world embraces the power of artificial intelligence, the crypto space is not lagging behind. AI and blockchain technologies are now integrating to create innovative AI crypto solutions that are transforming the industry., CryptoGPT, and Avorak AI are three best AI cryptos making a huge impact in 2023. is a decentralized platform that creates autonomous economic multiple agents. These agents can predict market trends and manage supply chains. The platform is built on a unique algorithm that allows agents to collaboratively work in a decentralized network without human intervention. However, the price of Fetch ai coin (FET) has been downtrend the last 7 days by 12%. The coin is currently 68% below its peak price.


CryptoGPT is a new Ethereum layer-2 solution using advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques to analyze and interpret blockchain data, helping users to make informed decisions. It bundles and validate off-chain transactions. CryptoGPT can process voluminous data in real-time, providing users with accurate insights into market trends and fluctuations. The CryptoGPT token, GPT, has been posting positive gains despite being new.

Avorak AI

Avorak AI is a next-generation AI crypto platform that combines the best of both worlds – the security and transparency of blockchains with the speed and scalability of AI systems. Avorak is designed to support various use cases, from decentralized finance to supply chain management. Avorak’s packaged solutions with their extensive use cases are unparalleled. Avorak AI trade bot deploys a user-friendly command-line interface that enables easy access to AI-powered services and applications, regardless of the user’s technical skills. 

Avorak’s initial coin offering (ICO) success has sparked significant interest in the platform as it gears up for its official launch. The AVRK’s price in phase 3 increased by 38.10% from phase 2 to $0.145. This represents a +100% price increase from the initial price, suggesting a positive reception.

The platform’s bundled, easy-to-use tools, including Avorak Trade and Avorak Write, cater to a broad range of users, from novice traders to content creators. Avorak Write, forms part of the bundled solutions for text and image generation. Through API and machine learning, the tool delivers non-repetitive plagiarism-free content that meets the user’s preferred writing style and tone.

Avorak AI has tremendous potential to emerge as the best AI crypto platform, with plans to expand its capabilities, product portfolio, and maintain its focus on user-friendliness and decentralization. The platform’s recognition by prominent YouTube influencers, including Crypto Shrek and Crypto Epoch, further highlights Avorak AI’s potential for success in the highly competitive AI and blockchain industry.


As AI technology matures, AI crypto projects will play a critical role in shaping the future of cryptocurrency and the world as a whole. The AI crypto platforms of, Avorak AI, and CryptoGPT, are pushing the boundaries of possibilities with AI and blockchain, and are poised to revolutionize crypto products. Avorak AI with its sterling ICO performance and wide reception stands out from the rest on its journey to becoming the best crypto project in 2023.

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