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The US may Restrict air Travel to Europe Starting Today

As the coronavirus situation worsens every day, some serious restrictions will be applied shortly. There is a chance that all travel between Europe and the US will be restricted for the months to come. 

Europe has become the center of activity as far as the novel coronavirus is concerned.

Restricting air Travel Between Europe and the US

France, Germany, and Italy are three of the regions dealing with over 1,000 patients right now.

In Italy’s case, there are over 12,000 cases, at the time of writing.

Given how many people travel between the US and Europe on a regular basis, a very serious problem is introduced.

For now, there is no real restriction on air travel yet, but that situation is expected to change fairly soon.

Rumor has it that the travel advisory for Europe will be moved to Level 3.

Under that nomer, consumers are discouraged to fly to those regions unless it is absolutely essential to do so.

An official verdict regarding this matter is expected to become public later today.

It seems unlikely that the current novel coronavirus situation will improve on its own.

More and more cases are reported globally every single day, with no solution in sight.

Other regions around the globe are all introducing extra emergency measures to prevent further spreading.


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