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The XFLOKIVERSE – A New Metaverse Project on the XRP Ledger

XFLOKIVERSE – A new metaverse gaming project that is taking the XRP Ledger by storm, has just launched its new dashboard feature as the first step in its eventual game development phase. The dashboard is currently allowing preliminary holders to unlock a variety of limited edition eggs, each one will hatch into a unique XFLOKI NFT character, once the XRPL releases this feature in the near future.

The dashboard is set to update at a fast pace over the coming weeks, with planned features to include keys for unlocking unique item chests, enhancements, rare and collectible items, planets, and further egg releases. All updates are leading to the full game release coming in a few short months.

What is the XFLOKIVERSE?

The XFLOKIVERSE is a metaverse that is made possible through a combination of three separate XFLOKI coins. The overall objective of the project is to become an NFT gaming metaverse, with each individual token bringing its own unique attribute to provide players with different planets, enhancements, rewards, items, skill sets, and scenes.

The XFLOKIVERSE is the name for all three tokens that make up the metaverse:


  • $XFLOKIVERSE: These are used to purchase the universe and world-building items that are made up of the planets, the different environments, and the eggs that will hatch into additional XFLOKI characters.


  • $XFLOKI: The token for the entire metaverse, essential for all transactions, and is used to purchase keys for unlocking chests and item upgrades.


  • $XFLOKIs: The XFLOKIs tokens are used to purchase in-game items that include the locked chests, buildings, and the other entities a user can interact with inside the metaverse.

The XFLOKIVERSE NFTs and In-Game Items

Within the metaverse, the holders of the $XFLOKI token will receive their very own unique NFT. The NFTs and the associated rarity of each will be based on the number of XFLOKIs tokens a user holds. 

The items being made available will include weapons, clothing, backgrounds, armor, and much more. Each in-game item or asset will be used to completely customize a user’s personal NFT to make it truly their own, with an incredible amount of variable options being made available. Through $XFLOKIVERSE tokens, users are able to acquire their own planets and environments to create their individual worlds to store their $XFLOKI and $XFLOKIs in-game items.

The options will be vast, and each world will be up to the user to create, using unique backdrops, borders, items, attributes, and enhancements. Each world will be completely different from one another, and due to the countless options being made available, no two worlds will be the same.

The XFLOKI and XFLOKIs Unlockable Reward Tiers

The reward tiers inside the XFLOKIVERSE are set out in a way that rewards holding, with a wide range of options. The most common way for users to gain items is through the use of unlockable chests that range from a basic Wood tier, all the way through to an elite Dragon tier. Keys to unlock the chests can be obtained by acquiring $XFLOKI tokens.

Currently, the $XFLOKI tiered chest options include:

  • Under 1 Billion tokens – Wood.
  • 1 Billion -19 Billion – Silver.
  • 20 Billion – 49 Billion – Gold.
  • 50 Billion – 99 Billion – Diamond.
  • 100 Billion – 499 Billion – Amethyst.
  • 500 Billion – 999 Billion – Ruby.
  • 1 Trillion plus – Dragon.

The more $XFLOKI tokens the holder has in their possession, the higher the likelihood will be for quality items of increased rarity from the XFLOKIs locked treasure chests.

The $XFLOKIs tokens will be used for purchasing in-game items, scenery, and enhancements. The tokens can be accumulated and used to purchase a variety of tiered XFLOKIs locked chests, each level providing a different set of options.

XFLOKIs tiered unlockable chests include:

  • 1 x $XFLOKIs – Locked Diamond Chest.
  • 5 x $XFLOKIs – Locked Amethyst Chest.
  • 20 x $XFLOKIs – Locked Red Dragon Chest.


The metaverse being created by the team is planned to be a unique and vast open world that is entirely customizable by the user. The team is utilizing the XRPL to implement the concept and plan to become a dominant force on the chain through the power of community and engagement, a fresh spin on what is on offer with most crypto projects. They are aiming to significantly increase the size of their community and use effective and proven marketing strategies to make this happen.

To assist with all marketing efforts, SEO, web development, and social media management, the project has welcomed new partners Coinpresso to undertake these activities. Coinpresso is a leading crypto advertising agency and are experts in all aspects of marketing in the cryptocurrency space.

The XFLOKIVERSE is a new project, only just beginning its rise to dominance on the XRPL, but already has garnered a significant amount of attention with a fast-growing and active community. The XFLOKIVERSE is quickly establishing itself as the number one meme coin and metaverse project on the fast-growing XRP Ledger. They are providing updates at a rapid pace, and providing their users with more options than any other project on the increasingly popular chain. 



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