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This Ethereum Token Derives Value From the Coronavirus Death Toll

The coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate global media headlines. To raise more awareness regarding this incident, a digital token known as CoronaCoin was created.

Most people would deem the creation of such a token to be distasteful.

A Different Take on the Coronavirus

However, this is not a way to get rich quick.

Instead, the creator issued this token on Ethereum for a specific purpose.

Every time someone dies from the coronavirus, the value of the token rises.

This is an example of how blockchain can be used to track viruses and their path of destruction.

CoronaCoin’s initial token supply will keep reducing every 2 days to keep up with official WHO statistics. 

By reducing the amount of tokens, the spreading of the coronavirus can be tracked accordingly.

This project also helps those people in China to obtain actual information, instead of what the government tells them. 

It also appears that plenty of people are willing to buy this token, albeit not for speculative purposes.

All money raised through this venture will be donated to the Red Cross accordingly.

In the near future, a strategy game making use of the token will be launched.

There will also be tip bots to build public awareness regarding the coronavirus. 

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