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Top 3 Retail Tokens to Watch in January 2023

Consumers, retailers, and advertisers can benefit from the incentives provided by retail tokens, powering the next generation of offline retail apps. Retail Tokens have a total market capitalization of $37,580,793 and a total trading volume of $2,234,191 in the last 24 hours.

Note: This List is sorted by their market capitalization from lowest to highest

Curate (XCUR)

  • Price Unit: $0.03416
  • Market Cap: $288,506
  • Distinct Features: Curate’s user-friendly marketplace allows you to buy, sell, and mint NFT. If you hold a percentage of XCUR tokens in-app, you can save up to 0% commission fees on NFT transactions.

Curate is the world’s first gasless multichain NFT marketplace, including NFT auctions, minting, and a general physical products marketplace, all powered by blockchain technology.

Curate creates a fairer and more transparent open marketplace by charging an industry-low seller commission for both marketplaces and charging no fees to purchasers who use XCUR, Curate’s native token, to make in-app purchases. In XCUR, all buyers and sellers are compensated on all transactions.

Curate in-app staking rewards with up to 20% APY. If you have a Curate stake increasing NFT, you can earn up to 60% APY for staking your XCUR directly within the app.

Exchange: $XCUR is currently trading live on KuCoin, Huobi,,, and Hotbit.

Nitro Network (NCash)

  • Price Unit: $0.00005546
  • Market Cap: $408,696
  • Distinct Features: In order to encourage users to own, run, and profit from the private networks of the future, the team is developing an inclusive ecosystem.

NCash is the Nitro Network’s native cryptocurrency and protocol token. NCash is its symbol. NCash is a native AVAX token that serves as a currency in the Nitro Network environment.

NCash, as the Nitro Network’s token, serves as the foundation for reward systems, incentive programs, and liquidity programs.

With the use of LoRaWAN, 3G, 4G, and 5G networks, Nitro Network is creating a global network of private communication systems. The Internet of Things (IoT) substitute for cellular networks in this hyperconnected era opens up a $3 trillion business opportunity.

The team thinks that their decentralized private telecom networks, which are based on a blockchain and utilize their own proprietary coin NCash at its core, are a game-changer with limitless potential applications.

Exchange: $NCash is currently trading on Huobi, and Bitbns.

Particl (PART)

  • Price Unit: $0.9741
  • Market Cap: $12,451,465
  • Distinct Features: A decentralized, all-inclusive banking platform called Particl safeguards your rights and grants you complete independence. It is completely impartial, safe, and confidential.

The Particl platform, a Web3 platform for decentralized applications that prioritizes privacy, uses PART as its native privacy coin. You can conduct untraceable currency exchanges with RingCT without disclosing the sender, recipient, or transmitted amounts.

Through private smart contracts, PART also enables participation in intricate, private financial transactions.

Particl’s cutting-edge dApps are made feasible by the combination of its blockchain, which employs the most recent Bitcoin software, and a unique P2P network (mixnet), which operates parallel to blockchain nodes.

Exchange: $PART is currently trading live on HitBTC, ProBit Global, Bitbns, and Bittrex.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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