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Top 5 In-Demand Elrond Ecosystem Tokens to Watch in 2022

Morningstar Ventures is launching a new campaign for the Elrond Network. In addition to the awareness campaign, the firm will also launch marketing campaigns for the company’s other projects.

Elrond is an Internet-scale blockchain protocol that claims to be capable of processing transactions at rates of 100,000 and 15,000 per second. This could be a big boon for investors looking to invest in cryptocurrency.

There are several ecosystems in cryptocurrency, each with unique themes and use cases. For example, the Solana ecosystem is perfect for NFT and Metaverse applications, TRON’s ecosystem provides a high-liquidity and high-user platform for dApps, and the Avalanche token ecosystem provides infrastructure for next-generation DeFi 2.0 and Web3 projects.

This article looks at NullTX’s pick of the top-five Elornd Ecosystem crypto coins to watch in July 2022, ordered by the current market capitalization of each project, lowest to highest.

Crust Network – CRU

crust network cru elrond token

  • Market Capitalization: $2.4 million
  • Unit Price: $0.8114

Launched in September 2020, the Crust Network is a decentralized storage network that uses the BABE/GRANDPA algorithm to protect user data from attacks. Its users can pay using a wallet instead of a credit card. Unlike Google and AWS, where attackers own copies of the encryption keys, Crust only has the necessary keys to decrypt data. This prevents data loss. It is also an incentive layer for the IPFS network, with more than eight thousand nodes and backups to ensure maximum safety and security.

To get started, first, you’ll need to create an account in the Crust Network. Then, fill out the form on the CoinMarketCap website. You’ll be asked to enter your email address and Binance ID. You’ll then be asked to enter a Crust Main Chain address. Once you’ve entered this information, you’ll be asked to answer a quiz that will verify your identity. Once you have completed the quiz, your CRU tokens will arrive in your Crust wallet.

You can purchase the CRU token on Huobi Global, Gate.io, Uniswap, SushiSwap, BitMart, CoinEx, AEX, Bibox, BKEX, CoinTiger, etc.

Holoride – RIDE

holoride ride elrond ecosystem cryptocurrency

  • Market Capitalization: $49 million
  • Unit Price: $0.1969

Launched in January 2022, Holoride has developed a platform that allows users to mint and sell unique NFTs based on experiences. It’s a unique Metaverse and extended reality platform providing real-time physical feedback as part of its experience.

Users can buy in-game items through this platform and participate in community governance. These tokens can purchase in-game content, upgrades, and customizations. Token holders will also have access to early access to content.

Nils Wollny, the CEO of holoride, wants to integrate the blockchain into its platform to create a symbiotic ecosystem. He plans to leverage the Holoride media platform as the gateway to a digital world, using Elrond blockchain technology to facilitate integration. Nils Wollny wants to provide the best user experience for its users while also creating an economic incentive that will make it appealing to a wide range of users. In addition, the Elrond Network will enable holoride to create unique NFTs and social currencies.

You can buy the RIDE token on Gate.io, MEXC, BitMArt, Maiar Exchange, and CoinEx.

Utrust – UTK

utrust utk elrond token ecosystem

  • Market Capitalization: $55 million
  • Unit Price: $0.1188

Launched in December 2017, Utrust (UTK) describes itself as a seamless integration that gives e-commerce businesses the power to accept digital currencies – and receive the benefits of blockchain tech.

The combination of Elrond and Utrust has resulted in an entirely new payment economics model. The combined entity, called Utrust 2.0, is reshaping how payments are made and putting merchants at the epicenter. Growth is the most powerful force that aligns different organizations. Elrond’s approach to growth is the exact opposite of the zero-sum approach that focuses on taking others’ pie.

Elrond is building a technology ecosystem enabling fast and secure transactions through sharding. Its smart contract execution platform can handle up to fifteen thousand transactions per second with only six-second latency. Token holders can earn up to $0.001 per transaction with the Elrond token eGold. Other uses for eGold include network fees and staking. Its native token, EGLD, is used to reward validators and miners. The mainnet is expected to go live in July 2020.

You can purchase the UTK crypto coin on Binance, KuCoin, Gate.io, Huobi Global, Bitfinex, Uniswap, Bittrex, ProBit Global, Tokocrypto, Bitrue, WhiteBIT, CoinDCX, and more.

Maiar DEX – MEX

maiar decentralized exchange elrond ecosystem

  • Market Capitalization: $327 million
  • Unit Price: $0.00005976

The Elrond Network, the Romanian start-up behind the high-performance blockchain platform Elrond (EGLD), has announced its most ambitious liquidity initiative yet. The announcement was made via official social media channels and stated that the ecosystem’s largest liquidity initiative would begin on November 19, 2021. Among the other projects in the ecosystem, Maiar DEX is a top candidate, as it will be a decentralized exchange for the Maiar cryptocurrency.

The Maiar Exchange, launched in July 2018, is a decentralized exchange built on a sharded architecture. Its token, MEX, is 100% community-owned and is the only exchange to use the Elrond blockchain. Its liquidity incentive program is valued at $1 billion and rewards those who provide liquidity on the exchange. In addition to the MEX token, the Maiar ecosystem will introduce a MEX Pool, a community-run asset management platform. MEX token holders will also have the ability to vote on upgrades to the platform.

You can purchase the native MEX token on Maiar Exchange.

Elrond – EGLD

elrond ecosystem internet scale blockchain

  • Market Capitalization: $1.2 billion
  • Unit Price: $55.01

The Elrond ecosystem consists of over 100 projects, including stablecoins, wallets, validators, payment providers, and decentralized finance projects. These projects include the Kriptomat exchange wallet and the UTU cryptocurrency exchange. For investors, the ecosystem has several key benefits, including low fees and the potential to develop new assets. Here are some key features of the Elrond network that make it an ideal investment.

Elrond is a layer one smart-contract platform leveraging the web assembly virtual machine. It is the 10th largest decentralized finance ecosystem and was set to go live on the mainnet in July 2020. Though slow to attract developers, Elrond has recently risen quickly on the back of a massive liquidity mining program by the Maiar decentralized exchange.

You can buy Elrond’s native utility asset, EGLD, on Binance, Bithumb, KuCoin, Binance.US, Gate.io, Bitfinex, Kraken, Huobi Global, OKX, Crypto.com Exchange, AscendEX (BitMax), WazirX, Deepcoin, Dex-Trade, KickEX, Bitbns, CoinDCX, NovaDAX, Orion Protocol BSC, ZebPay, LATOKEN, etc.

The above article has been created as a result of the detailed analysis of the projects’ websites.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any project.

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