Top 5 Fantom Ecosystem Tokens Below $5M Market Capitalization to Watch in September 2022

Fantom Ecosystem Tokens are recording good profits despite the dull and bearish market. According to data from CoinMarketCap, Fantom Ecosystem Tokens tops the list with over 225.14% price increase with a total market capitalization of $73,853,142,994 and a trading volume of $8,837,296,819.

Today, we are looking at some good projects under Fantom Ecosystem that may be worth adding to your portfolio in September 2022. 

Note: Tokens are sorted by their market capitalization from lowest to highest.

XY Finance (XY)

  • Unit Price: $0.2619
  • Market Cap: $2,358,363
  • Distinct Features: XY Finance’s goal is to make it simple and secure for on-chain assets, like tokens and NFTs, to transfer between blockchains.

For DeFi and Metaverse, XY Finance serves as a one-stop cross-chain aggregator. With the maximum level of interoperability, the protocol has created a one-click swap aggregator that enables the trading of all on-chain assets by cryptocurrency users.

The following are the collaborative parts of XY Finance:

  • X Swap & Y Pool (DeFi) – For the quickest, easiest, and most affordable cross-chain swap service with a smooth user experience and the most excellent interoperability, XY Finance offers a one-stop swap aggregator.
  • GalaXY Kats (GameFi) – GalaXY Kats is a collection of 10,000 different meerkat NFTs and a play-to-earn blockchain game where users can investigate the GalaXY universe’s lore and aid GalaXY Kats in reviving humanity by taking on enemies and completing tasks. GalaXY Kats also offers DeFi services on the X Swap & Y Pool.
  • NFT Satellite (NFT) – To meet the rapidly expanding multichain NFT ecosystem and the increasing demand for NFT trading, XY Finance has developed a one-click NFT liquidity aggregator that enables users to purchase, sell, and trade NFTs across several chains in a single transaction.

Exchange – XY has a 24-hour trading volume of $73,151.02, trading on MEXC, Bitrue, Gate.io, LATOKEN, and Uniswap (V2).

SpiritSwap (SPIRIT)

  • Unit Price: $0.01113
  • Market Cap: $3,612,278
  • Distinct Features: SpiritSwap’s protocol introduces revenue sharing using the traditional AMM approach, adding incentives for Fantom network users.

On the Fantom Opera Chain, SpiritSwap is a decentralized exchange (DEX). SpiritSwap was created based on the Uniswap constant-product automated market maker (AMM).

Liquidity providers deposit a token pair in an AMM, and an algorithm creates markets for the token pair automatically.

Traders can easily switch between tokens in the AMM and receive guaranteed rates for the swaps, according to the project’s official doc. SpiritSwap charges a fee for each exchange, which is then given to liquidity providers as compensation for their work.

Exchange – SPIRIT has a 24-hour trading volume of $257,378, trading on MEXC, Bitget, Gate.io, CoinEx, and Poloniex.

GTONCapital (GTON)

  • Unit Price: $1.06
  • Market Cap: $3,833,594
  • Distinct Features: GTON Capital has a developing infrastructure to promote digital capital markets based on the cutting-edge accomplishments of Web 3.0 technology.

To improve digital capital markets, GTON CAPITAL (GC), a DAO, develops DeFi infrastructure and a product ecosystem. Components of the GTON Capital protocol architecture:

  • GTON Network – a multi-collateral stablecoin is serving as the Ethereum roll-up protocol’s native currency.
  • Gton Dollar – The GTON Network rollup uses a multi-collateralized stablecoin technology with an actual use case as its native currency.
  • Treasury Protocols – GTON Bonds, which serve as the primary mechanism to determine the entry of funds into the treasury and hence to promote network expansion. Pathway as a protocol for managing CEX/DEX liquidity and staking GCD and GTON tokens with a sustainable APR are other considerations.

Exchange – GTON has a 24-hour trading volume of $27,646.01, trading on Uniswap (V3) and SushiSwap.

Retreeb (TREEB)

  • Unit Price: $0.02513
  • Market Cap: $3,871,747
  • Distinct Features: By cutting out the intermediary, the banks, Retreeb, can liberate themselves and merchants from interbank costs, which aligns with their mission to create a better future through a better distribution of value utilizing payment.

Retreeb is a brand-new decentralized payment method that enables its users to behave ethically, generously, and solidarily today.

We are choosing an unprecedented level of transparency in a very opaque industry through its economic framework and technological foundation.

Because there are no fixed fees and Retreeb charges lower merchant fees (ranging from 0.9% to 1.5%) for each payment processed on the network, this is a particularly appealing source of cost savings for the merchant.

Retreeb is the only decentralized payment method that donates a third of this income to the social initiative that the user issuing the transaction has chosen. The user does not directly contribute any money to this economic model.

Exchange – TREEB has a 24-hour trading volume of $130,586, currently trading MEXC, BKEX, and ProBit Global.

OpenOcean (OOE)

  • Unit Price: $0.02609
  • Market Cap: $4,400,003
  • Distinct Features: The goal of OpenOcean is to create a complete crypto trading aggregator that acts as a link between the isolated islands in the fragmented DeFi and CeFi markets as they exist today.

OpenOcean is the DeFi & CeFi full aggregator. Applying a highly tuned intelligent routing system, OpenOcean finds the best price for traders on aggregated DeFi and CeFi, with no additional costs and the lowest slippage.

OpenOcean will continue to aggregate derivative, yield, lending, and insurance products in addition to swaps. It will also introduce its combined margin products and intelligent wealth management service. 

For users who want to conduct arbitrage transactions automatically, OpenOcean also offers an API and arbitrage tools.

Everyone should have access to the best pricing for trading and the ability to use their investment methods across a range of crypto asset classes, regardless of whether they are tiny individual investors or colossal institutions.

Exchange – OOE has a 24-hour trading volume of $576,024, currently trading on MEXC, KuCoin, DigiFinex, Gate.io, and BitMart.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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