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Top 5 Most Pumped Cryptocurrencies in the Past Week

There is always plenty of cryptocurrency market activity on any given day. While the top 10 coins only usually move a few percent a day, there are other newer altcoins that are much more volatile. The following six currencies are ranked by their current seven-day increase.

#5 BaaSid

BaaSid focuses on splitting and distributing text and images of personal information and distributing them on a public blockchain. This currency has not been noticed by most traders as of yet, but that doesn’t mean that it can’t experience some crazy market movements. Trading on CoinBene, the BaaSid price increased by roughly 190% in the past seven days, all with under $40,000 in volume.

#4 PiplCoin

A currency with a very unique name, Piplcoin is designed to create a new job-board ecosystem using blockchain technology. Some people have taken notice of this offering, resulting in a 291% increase in value over the past week. Trading only on Livecoin, this strong uptrend is fueled by only $353 in daily volume. The current market cap of this product sits at just $416,566, which means there is still a long road ahead to make it into the top 100.


FUUTRAX‘s mission revolves around building a modern cryptocurrency trading platform which puts traders first at all times. This past week, FTXT’s price increased 341.3%, most of the volume coming from the IDEX exchange. It is a very strong uptrend for a currency with just $141 traded in a 24-hour period. 

#2 SuperCoin

SuperCoin experienced SuperMomentum in the past week. At its core, SuperCoin focuses on fast and anonymous transactions. This past week, Supercoin has noted a strong 393.9% increase. However, it is lacking on trading volume and market cap. At the time of writing, just $197 worth of trades have been recorded in the past 24 hours, all coming from CoinExchange.

#1 Regalcoin

Regalcoin aims to position itself as a staking platform and seems to offer use cases very similar to Bitcoin, albeit in an anonymous manner. It experienced a very regal 414.74% increase in the past week. However, the average daily trading volume at the time of writing is a whopping $16, coming evenly from both CoinExchange and YoBit.


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