Top 6 Cryptocurrencies Worth GPU Mining in 2019

A lot of people are still interested in mining the different cryptocurrencies on the market today. When it comes to GPU mining, things are a bit different compared to what one might expect. There are still several currencies to GPU mine in 2019, although it will require some effort on behalf of the user to get everything set up properly. Moreover, there are services like crypto signals that build communities around price speculation so it’s definitely not an easy task to figure out which coin to mine.

Dogecoin is Still Viable

Whereas most people would consider Dogecoin to be the joke currency of the internet, one has to keep in mind it is still an educational tool as well. Especially for those looking to explore the world of GPU mining, Dogecoin is a more than viable solution to look into. Not just because it is worth something, but also because it is one of the easier currencies to mine in this day and age. While mining isn’t even required to obtain DOGE, it is an option worth looking into.

As is always the case when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies, joining a pool is one’s safest bet. For Dogecoin, there are still several active mining pools to take advantage of. While no one will get rich from this particular venture, it is a more than valuable learning experience. Moreover, it is also something anyone can do with any type of computer, although the earnings will vary quite a bit.

Monero is a Solid Option

In the world of cryptocurrency mining, Monero has become a lot more popular in the past few years. Although that is not always for the right reasons, it shows anyone with a CPU and GPU can mine XMR rather easily. Similar to Dogecoin, joining a Monero mining pool is advised, as solo mining will not necessarily yield any significant results. Even with the currency’s updated mining algorithm, GPU mining remains more than viable if one is willing to put in some work.

ZenCash Offers Decent Returns

Albeit most people tend to overlook cryptocurrencies not in the market cap top 25, ZenCash is an interesting option when it comes to GPU mining. The miners receive 88% of every block reward, which might not necessarily be the greatest. However, it is one of the many Zerocoin-based currencies which are easily mineable using a regular computer. As long as one has the correct software and a good mining pool, it is an option worth looking into in 2019.

ZCoin, Not to be Confused with ZCash

Whereas some people may have heard of ZCash by now, the ZCoin currency is a fork of that particular project. For those who want to get involved in cryptocurrency mining, Zcoin is an interesting option. Not only is the currency traded on most top exchanges, it also makes it easy for both novice and advanced miners to get in on the action. Under the hood, ZCoin also ensures it remains ASIC-proof like Monero, which should ensure a long GPU mining life if nothing major changes.

Bitcoin Gold Needs More Miners

Another solid option to experiment with GPU mining cryptocurrencies comes in the form of Bitcoin Gold. While it is still possible to mine Bitcoin itself as well, the Bitcoin Gold fork is perhaps the better choice for users. Although this currency’s price has collapsed since its launch, it is still worth over $24 per BTG at the time of writing. According to the project’s team, some interesting changes and improvements will be coming throughout this year and beyond. Whether that will influence the BTG value, is a different matter altogether.

Ethereum Attracts a lot of Attention

Everyone will readily agree Ethereum is the go-to choice when it comes to mining cryptocurrencies with a GPU. It is the most profitable option on paper, albeit there are a lot of competing miners on the network who try to race toward the block reward. Even so, for those advanced miners, it is still a worthwhile option now that prices are rising. The one downside is how GPU mining Ethereum can be very costly, as using just 1 graphics card won’t get people all that far in this day and age.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency.

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