Top 6 Viable Alternatives to CoinMarketCap

Keeping tabs on all information in the cryptocurrency world is no easy feat. Luckily, numerous coin track sites exist, all with their own advantages and drawbacks. CoinMarketCap is still the most popular option, but it has also received plenty of backlash. Exploring alternative solutions is never a bad thing, as this industry is all about diversifying and putting users in control.

#6 CoinRateCap

While the CoinRateCap platform may not have garnered too much attention, it offers all of the relevant market information cryptocurrency enthusiasts can ask for. The interface looks very clean and responsive, and over 2,000 projects are supported at the time of writing. While it may not be sufficient for those who seek out specific detailed information, the average crypto enthusiasts will find what they need on this platform.

#5 BitInfoCharts

Although the BitInfoCharts is not new by any means, it would appear its coin-tracking solution isn’t talked about all that often. Even so, their facts and figures for the top cryptocurrencies and some alternative markets are more than worth checking out. It looks slightly more clunky than most CMC competitors, but it also provides a lot of vital details through one convenient page. With some more coins added, this platform could easily become more successful, although the overall layout might need a revamp as well.

#4 OnChainFX

There is a ton of information on the OnChainFX website, which might make it a bit overwhelming for novice users or people who are not even involved in cryptocurrency. Their method of ranking projects is a bit unusual, but it all depends on how people configure the options on the right-hand side. This platform also tracks top gainers and losers, which some users will appreciate. The mobile version of the site might need an overhaul at some point, and the plethora of information can be relatively confusing for newcomers.

#3 CryptoCompare

One of the “older” platforms tracking the various cryptocurrencies and relevant information is CryptoCompare. They don’t just track coin information, but also offer detailed trading volume and information pertaining to suitable wallets, among other things. Over 1,000 currencies are supported, although it can be a bit difficult for users to get the overview they are looking for exactly.  A more than useful source of cryptocurrency information in many different ways.

#2 Live Coin Watch

Over the past few years, most people have become familiar with Live Coin Watch as a CMC alternative. It is a very prominent website which offers all of the information one needs. Design-wise, it is one of the “cleanest” offerings on the market, and users can benefit from many different features as well The fact one can set up their own portfolio and watchlist is always worth looking into. Definitely worth checking out when looking for a CMC alternative.

#1 CoinGecko

No one will deny CoinGecko is one of the more all-encompassing crypto tracking platforms on the market today. It offers an overview of all major markets, developer activity, and even public sentiment, which is a factor many enthusiasts tend to overlook. Their strong focus on metrics and supporting as many currencies as possible has earned the platform a very solid reputation. Although the interface may be hit-and-miss depending on one’s preferences,  the overall information is presented in a concise manner.

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