Top Social Media Platforms are Less Favored Among Tech Users

A lot of companies rely on public perception to remain profitable and valued highly on stock exchanges. A recent survey shows that social media platforms are losing clout pretty quickly, for fairly obvious reasons. 

The recent survey conducted by The Verge paints a very interesting picture.

Social Media is Losing Ground

Given the vast number of companies people interact with on a daily basis, the public perception of these firms is crucial.

Despite a lot of odd decisions, Google maintains a 90% favorable rate, as does YouTube.

Amazon leads the pack with 91%, putting it ahead of Netflix, Microsoft, and Apple.

Those who face a lot more public “dismay” are the obvious candidates.

Instagram and Facebook note a 28% and 29% unfavorable rating respectively.

Why the public is slowly turning against these companies, is not hard to explain.

Facebook has a very bad reputation regarding user data and privacy.

Instagram is owned by Facebook, thus it is “treated” the same.

The final platform dealing with backlash is Twitter.

That too is easy to explain, with accounts being banned randomly for no apparent reason.

It would appear that the general public is getting tired of social media platforms and the way they try to shape people’s perception.

Unfavorable feeling towards these platforms doesn’t mean that people stop using social media, however. 

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