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LCG Energy - Null TX

“Technology is the solution to the problems the energy sector is facing”: Michael Opitz, CEO of LCG Energy

Recently, a well-known company on the German and austrian energy markets announced the launch of their blockchain initiative with its ambitious plans to bring the sector to a whole new level. LCG Energy is a licensed utility provider, energy reseller and contractor with over a decade of experience, more than 50.000 […]


ProtonMail is no Longer Accessible in Russia

Politics and technology hardly ever play nice together. As the technology industry continues to become more prevalent in people’s daily lives, politicians will continue to oppose this innovation at every possible turn. In Russia, the government has forced internet service providers to effectively block ProtonMail. This is the direct result […]


5 Blockchain Facts to Remember in 2018

Blockchain technology is in a bubble. Investors continue to throw money at projects exploring this technology regardless of whether or not those businesses can succeed. Despite the growing interest, there are a lot of things people still do not know about blockchain, even in 2018. 5. Accountability Is Its Main […]