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Tron Price Begins Moving up yet Traders Expected More

With the weekend almost upon the cryptocurrency industry, bullish momentum is in high demand. Not all of the currencies in the top 50 will be able to mount any noteworthy surge right away. As far as the Tron price is concerned, it would appear there is some upward pressure brewing. Although these gains are not massive by any means, it would appear things are heading in the right direction.

Tron Price Tries to Turn Bullish

It is only normal most alternative markets will try to mimic Bitcoin’s momentum when the overall sentiment resumes a minor bullish trend. In the case of Tron, the reliance on Bitcoin has been less apparent as of late, which is a promising first and foremost. Although Tron is also gaining on Bitcoin itself, it would appear the USD value of TRX may continue to improve for quite some time to come.

Over the past 24 hours, there has been a notable 3.4% increase in Tron’s USD and BTC value alike. Because of this minor change, the Tron price currently sits at $0.0244, or 674 Satoshi. There is a long way to go before reclaiming the 800 Satoshi level, but the coming days may offer some promising sentiment in this regard. Combined with a rather healthy overall trading volume, it would appear the Tron price is in a very good place as of right now.

Although there haven’t been any major developments in terms of Tron, there is a new YouTube video which can effectively educate the masses on why Tron could be a project worth keeping an eye on. As is usually the case, videos trying to get more people to invest in a specific cryptocurrency need to be taken with a grain of salt. However, there appears to be some good information in the video.

For those who are wondering what the actual price chart has to offer, it is quite evident the market can easily head north or south from here on out. That in itself can make some speculators a bit uneasy first and foremost, although one has to keep in mind a lot of people seemingly expect a bullish breakout. Even a 1% gain over the weekend can be considered somewhat bullish, though.

Paul W Baldwin would like to see the Tron community put in a bit more effort when it comes to helping the price move along. A call to arms usually backfires in the crypto world, which makes this message all the more interesting. It appears some holders are desperate for an uptrend, even though long-term growth needs to be the number one priority at all times.  Short-term profits are not in the best interest of most TRX holders.

All of these factors seem to indicate the current TRX momentum is firmly in place, although it may not necessarily yield any further gains from here on out. However, with the weekend just around the corner, it would appear some interesting momentum might be shaping up across the industry as a whole. Fridays are never a genuine trading indicator for the coming days, though.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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