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UGPAY Group AG – Bringing Cutting Edge Assets Into The Hands Of Investors

A rapidly evolving global financial ecosystem opens up investment opportunities in innovative industries and assets that represent new frontiers in many traditional investors minds. 

Precious metal investment, previously only carried out with physical bullion – can now be conducted through complex financial instruments like gold futures and gold ETFs. Precious metals (along with cryptocurrencies) are also eligible for inclusion in U.S. Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs).

Building a diamond synthesis industry portfolio was once a nearly impossible task, accessible to only global citizens with deep pockets. Rising demand from China and India breathed new life into the sector and reinvigorated diamond production as a strategic investment. 

Opening Up Opportunities To Invest In Dynamic Industries

Several companies have emerged offering investors a diverse array of financial consulting and services across capital markets and corporate finance – with a focus on innovative and dynamic investments. 

Registered in Switzerland and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), UGPAY Group AG emphasizes a range of unique investment objectives. The entity works with private clients, companies, and institutional investors to enhance and optimize portfolios for a wide array of unique and cutting-edge assets available for investment. 

While UGPAY Group AG maintains investment objectives in ‘traditional’ assets like precious metals, stocks, securities, and real estate – the company’s current financial focus also incorporates a range of dynamic and unique positions. 

Currently, UGPAY Group AG engages in and connects investors with innovative entities involved in the production of basalt. Basalt, a rock formed from the rapid cooling of magnesium and iron-rich lava, is making waves due to its ability to be crushed and made into basalt fiber. 

The basalt fiber industry was projected to grow from $227 million in 2019 to $397 million in 2024 as demand grows from the automotive, construction, and infrastructure industries. Notably, basalt fiber is cheaper than carbon fiber and maintains better mechanical properties than fiberglass. 

Fans of the silver screen also have the opportunity through UGPAY Group AG to engage in film industry investment. The popularity of video streaming services and the expansion of local film studios worldwide as producers seek out diverse talent, has fueled the rise of energetic and creative production companies. 

Strategic Advisory Across Investment Sectors 

Aside from maintaining diverse investment interests, UGPAY Group AG provides support to global investors on privatization and larger greenfield projects, assisting with project structure optimization while guiding to satisfy the requirements and mandates of the specific industry, foreign investors, and the state. 

On a more generalized level, UGPAY Group AG engages with clients on an advisory basis to support shareholders and increase a business’s underlying bottom line through constant monitoring of more than 30 key industries and markets. 

Advisory services include project management services that consist of local advisors with expert knowledge of a particular market or industry and the development of business plans and feasibility studies. 

UGPAY Group AG’s World CRU Token

The UGPAY Group AG team has positioned the company as an investment solution powered by cryptocurrency. Investors have the ability to buy a share into the entity’s portfolio through an issued security token called World CRU (WCRU).

UGPAY Group AG built CryptoUnit Blockchain, based on EOS, for users to share and stake WCRU to earn the network’s native UNTB token. 

Investors interested in purchasing the security token and own a percentage of UGPAY Group AG’s portfolio are required to register on the UGPAY.GROUP website and successfully pass know-your-customer (KYC) requirements.

Upon purchasing WCRU tokens, which vary in price based on UGPAY Group AG’s portfolio, customers can either hold the tokens to receive USDU stablecoin bonuses based on asset profitability, transfer defrosted tokens, or stake WCRU to receive UNTB as a reward. Purchased tokens are subject to a 365-day freeze where transfer or exchange is impossible. Once tokens are defrosted, holders can sell them on exchanges or stake. 

WCRU is registered with the SEC by UGPAY GROUP AG. The company plans to file audited financial statements with the SEC and host monthly webinars with investors to inform about company developments and operations. 

The UGPAY Group AG team orchestrated a multi-phase plan to specifically ensure the token launch was tailored to pertinent regulations concerning securities. First, the company chose Crowe Global, a multinational professional services network, for portfolio evaluation. 

After creation of the EOS-based blockchain based on DPoS (Delegated Proof-of-Stake), UGPAY Group AG decided 80 billion WCRU would be issued within 10 years. 

Plans were made to sell 40-72 billion tokens in 4-10 years. 50% of WCRU token sale funds are allocated towards asset purchases whole 44% is earmarked for marketing. 5% has been set aside for a loyalty program running until October 1st, 2021. 

UGPAY Group AG – Investing In Promising Projects 

UGPAY Group AG provides investors with various financial services in the capital market and across corporate finance. The team of financial professionals remains focused on investing and educating clients about promising worldwide projects in sectors like real estate, construction, energy, infrastructure, and fast-moving consumer goods.

In-depth research and analytics conducted by UGPAY Group AG in pertinent sectors give clients a competitive edge in their chosen industries. 

Above all, the company is dedicated to guiding clients in new realms of financial freedom by helping them get around the low profitability of bank deposits, presenting investment options with minimal risk, and advising on unique ways to save money and earn high commission. 


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