Press Releases (GLO) Price May End Up Pumping Doing The ‘Solana Moment’ Of 2022

If you have been in the crypto space for a while, you already know what Solana is and how it mooned in 2021. The ecosystem grew in popularity as one of the fastest blockchain platforms with negligible transaction fees and high scalability compared to Ethereum.

The Solana network is powered by the native token SOL, which surprised everyone in 2021. What was actually unknown to the crypto community at the beginning of the year ended up being the top performer. The massive surge in price came at a time when the market was at its peak. Things may have changed drastically now, but that doesn’t mean you won’t find the next Solana.

An upcoming community token, Uniglo has been making the rounds across several media outlets as one of the most innovative concepts in the crypto space. For the first time, a cryptocurrency will be backed by tangible and intangible assets. The underlying value of the token will be protected by a basket of virtual currencies, digitized gold, and rare NFTs. Every token holder will have the right to vote on proposals regarding the purchase and sale of assets.

A dedicated treasury vault will be fed by 5% taxation on each transaction. Besides, there will be a unique burn mechanism implemented to create scarcity. 2% on GLO trades will be taken out of circulation, and this will keep reducing the supply to dust. Any profits generated by the sale of appreciated assets will be put to use for buying back and burning tokens.

The future roadmap for Uniglo looks exciting, with plenty of developments in the pipeline. A massive presale demand has diverted the attention of well-known communities to GLO, which may end up doing the “Solana moment” of 2022. The contract has already been audited by one of the top-rated auditors, Paladin and is all set to launch next month.

The team will start with a small treasury, which will grow in strength over time. Uniglo is designed to combat market volatility and fluctuations better than any other crypto in the market today!

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