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Varanida ICO Round 2 Kicks Off

At the core of the virtual ecosystem lies the holy trinity of users, publishers, and advertisers. Each armed with an increasingly powerful set of tools to aid their experience, each group is continually sabotaging the performance of the others in pursuit of their own self interest.

Web surfers, bombarded by advertisers, are adopting AdBlock, at the expense of the revenue of publishers and the success of advertisers. Publishers, looking to fight losses from AdBlock, hide content behind paywalls, diminishing their dependency on advertisements and making their content less accessible to users. Advertisers, trying to find new ways to profit, employ more and more complex and resource intensive advertisements that slow down the internet, making users more frustrated and publishers more difficult to interact with. This dynamic represents a feedback loop that is only persisting a diminishing quality-of-life for everyone involved.

Enter Varanida

The purpose of Varanida is to clean up the internet. The project is appropriately named after the Varanida lizard, better known as the “cleaning lizard”. Varanida represents a fair and transparent digital ecosystem that seeks to create harmony and synergize the energy of each party in the aforementioned trinity. The services of the project are carried out through a web extension that is currently available on both Chrome and Firefox.

For users, the extension re-establishes control to each individual of their web browsing experience. The extension works to block and eliminate malicious advertisements harbored throughout the web. Users can opt-in to view advertisements and share their personal data. These activities reward users with VAD tokens, which can be used to unlock paywalls and access premium content.

For publishers, more success can be achieved. By targeting opt-in and engaged users with advertisements, more revenue is possible through specialized advertisements and higher interaction rates. Additionally, paywalls are more accessible and more effective as users passively earn VAD to spend towards premium content. Lastly, Varanida provides statistical analysis to help content creators more accurately build their following.

For advertisers, higher engagement is achieved by targeting to users that have opted-in as engaged and interested in what they have to offer. Varanida also goes through great strides to ensure a fraud-free network, where advertisers do not lose resources to bots and fake sites. Lastly, the innovative formats create an environment that enables fun and fresh mediums to share ads.

The project has already received significant attention. The prototype web extension has already eclipsed 130,000 downloads.

Round Two is Live

As of Friday, September 28 at 3PM CEST, round two of the Varanida ICO is in motion. By the end of the second round, the project hopes to achieve its soft cap of 8M€ to build its protocol. 53% of the 1 billion VAD supply is available throughout all ICO stages (Round 3A, 3B, 3C will follow). Round two represents the backbone of the sale, with 16% of the total supply available at a 10% discount, for 0.05€ per VAD.

15% of the supply is reserved for the team, and carries a three year lockup period. 12%, frozen for four years, is reserved for the company. 3% goes to advisors, and the final 17% represents network incentivization that will be used to on-board and reward users, publishers, and advertisers. More information about the token sale can be found here.

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