VeChain Price Tries to Turn Bullish Following Haier Partnership

With most of the cryptocurrency markets noting some promising or outright bullish momentum, the coming weekend will prove to be very interesting. As far as the VeChain price is concerned, there is a lot of excitement for a lot of obvious reasons. As the price surpasses $0.0053 again, it seems traders expect a further uptrend over the next few hours.

VeChain Price Continues to Move up

In the world of cryptocurrency, there is never a shortage of positive momentum or excitement. While that excitement isn’t always warranted, it appears things are slowly coming together for VeChain in terms of partnerships and ecosystem growth. This results in a logical price increase, although it is a bit unclear if it can be sustained for an extended period of time.

With a 3.35% increase in USD value and a 2.3% gain over Bitcoin, it seems things are looking promising for the VeChain price. This uptrend pushes the value to $0.00538, or 136 Satoshi. It is difficult to determine how high this price can go in the coming days, as that will primarily hinge on how Bitcoin is performing.

The big news of the week is how VeChain has secured another major partnership. To most people, the company Haier will be well-known, although it is somewhat of a mystery to some. It seems Haier plans to integrate VeChain into its own Cosmoplat solution, which should provide a lot of exposure for the project. It may not impact the VET valuation in the slightest, though.

This new partnership is the latest in a growing list for VeChain. While these partnerships, agreements, and deals are significant in their own right, they will not necessarily generate an increase in VET use. It is evident this news will certainly get a lot of people talking about VeChain, but that is only to be expected at this time.

There is another development which has seemingly been ignored by most people. Although its impact remains to be determined at this time, it seems VeChain will be represented during a debate on private vs public blockchains. Such major exposure for this blockchain project can be crucial for future growth, although it remains to be seen if anything comes of it.

With everything slowly coming together for VeChain, the weekend should offer interesting trading momentum. However, the overall trading volume is rather lackluster, which could indicate this latest uptrend is rather short lived once again. It is difficult to predict what will happen in the coming few days, as everything ultimately begins and ends with Bitcoin.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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