WatermelonBlock Uses IBM Watson AI for Sentiment Crypto Market Analysis

Understanding how the cryptocurrency market thinks and feels, can lead to much brighter investment decisions, suitable for all investors and their afferent lifestyles. WatermelonBlock represents a platform that harnesses AI and Big Data technology, to create cutting-edge sentiment analysis on the crypto market, displayed in an intuitive manner.

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Now, WatermelonBlock has announced a partnership with the IBM Watson AI, which is a ground-breaking, cloud-computing platform capable of scanning, weighting, categorizing and analysing big sets of data within seconds.

Via the partnership, WatermelonBlock will leverage the Watson AI resources, alongside its proprietary algorithms, to help compute an index score and percentage for all cryptocurrencies and ICO tokens. The sentiment analysis stands for studying the influence of opinions present on the market, to learn more about how it thinks, feels and reacts to stimuli.

Watson AI will help the platform efficiently read and categorize big data sets, and determine their social influence, and potential reach. In other words, WatermelonBlock grants individuals the ability to stay on top of investment information, for quicker and smarter investment decisions.

In a recent press statement, Boris Manitius of IBM Cloud, mentioned: “IBM is extremely excited to partner with WatermelonBlock (…) Through this partnership, WatermelonBlock’s dedicated team of data scientists, will work with IBM industry experts and IBM state of the art equipment to develop, test and monitor a system that will augment WatermelonBlock’s current environment”.  

This means that once the system is fully deployed, investors will no longer need to dedicate large amounts of time, and mental resources to constantly read, understand and analyse the market by themselves.

Following the announcement, Elliot Rothfield, the co-founder of WatermelonBlock mentioned: “Through this partnership, WatermelonBlock and IBM can provide investors with real-time actionable insights and detailed contextual analysis at the press of a button, making the user experience easy from start to finish.”

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, WatermelonBlock will provide actionable, real-time investment insight via its algorithms and the IBM Watson AI. As part of its future phase II implementation, machine learning will be leveraged to understand behavioral finance, and sentimentally analyse big data sets.

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