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What Is Cardstack?

Various projects aim to decentralize the internet as we know it today. Whether or not any of them will succeed in doing so is very difficult to predict. There are a lot of reasons why this will not work, although the idea proposed by Cardstack seems rather intriguing.

The Cardstack Initiative

Decentralizing the internet can be achieved in many ways. A lot of people believe blockchain technology can play a big role in this regard. Cardstack is a new experience layer which makes blockchain both suitable and scalable. Using this technology, developers can create new decentralized software to revolutionize the internet.

How Does it Work?

Creating a multi-tiered layer infrastructure for the decentralized internet will not be easy. Cardstack envisions an infrastructure consisting of three layers. The bottom layer will be Ethereum’s blockchain, which makes some sense. On top of that will be the second layer, known for scalable payments and governance. It combines the ecosystem token and the aggregation protocol.

To top it all off, there is an app framework – known as the Cardstack Hub – combined with to-be-developed next-gen blockchain applications. Unlocking the potential of these layers will be quite challenging. Cardstack allows end users to mix and match features from different apps without needing to have multiple subscriptions.

The Cardstack Framework is an SDK that allows developers to create a new generation of blockchain applications. It will be facilitated by the Cardstack Hub, which transfers data and value across blockchains and the cloud alike. Having multi-blockchain compatibility will undoubtedly introduce a lot of positive changes for developers.

The CARD Token

Unsurprisingly, Cardstack will have its own native token, known as CARD. It is not a traditional cryptocurrency, but it will help create a sustainable marketplace. The token will primarily be used to reward developers in a fair manner. CARD will also form the backbone of smart contracts between users and their chosen apps.

The Road Ahead

Although Cardstack is still in development, it seems things are progressing nicely. More competition in the blockchain world can only be considered a good thing, although decentralizing the entire internet may be a bridge too far for a lot of developers at this stage.


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