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What Makes ICOs Profitable and Why Avorak AI Could Outperform Big Eyes in 2023

The emergence of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) in Cryptocurrency has revolutionized the traditional fundraising methods. An ICO is an attractive option for new projects and established platforms to bypass traditional funding methods such as venture capital and raise funds by issuing new cryptocurrencies or digital tokens. Let’s explore why crypto projects hold an initial coin offering and how it has become an innovative and effective way to raise capital.

What Is An ICO?

An ICO is a fundraising method used in the cryptocurrency space to raise capital. During an ICO presale, investors can purchase newly created cryptocurrency tokens in exchange for existing cryptocurrencies or with fiat currency. ICOs aim to create a market for the new cryptocurrency by getting it listed on exchanges and creating liquidity for token holders.

Key Features of A Successful and Profitable ICO

A successful ICO can create a solid high demand and trading volume market for the new cryptocurrency. The tokens offered in an ICO can be used to access a specific product or service offered by the project, or they can be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges. ICOs are popular because they allow crypto projects to raise money without having to go through the traditional financial institutions or regulatory frameworks.

ICOs can be profitable for investors as they get tokens at a discounted price during the initial presale stage. If the project is successful and the value of its tokens increases, investors can sell their tokens on an exchange for a profit. Furthermore, ICOs offer investors additional incentives like bonuses, discounts, or early access to products or services in exchange for their investment. This can make investing in an ICO more attractive to potential investors, increasing the demand for the tokens and potentially driving up their value. This can generate profits for the crypto project and its investors.

The funds raised can be used to develop products, fund marketing campaigns, or hire new employees. ICOs can be launched with minimal legal, marketing, and administrative expenses, which can reduce the overall costs of fundraising.

ICOs allow projects to access a global market of potential investors. They increase outreach by attracting investors worldwide, potentially increasing the demand for its tokens. ICOs help build a community of supporters who invest in the project’s success. This community can provide valuable feedback, spread the word about the products or services, and help the project grow.

Avorak AI

Avorak AI is deploying to blockchains a comprehensive product suite of easy-to-use tools. Its trade bots, chatbots, and text and image-generating solutions are simplifying many aspects of crypto trading. Users looking for content can prompt the Avorak AI content creator with their desired output and wait for original content. This ensures that there are no issues with the ownership of content or image.

Avorak AI’s ICO, now in phase 3, has returned an excellent performance by rising in value by 38.10%. One AVRK is going at $0.145, and holders enjoy a bonus of 8%. Avorak AI’s community on YouTube is excited due to Crypto Epoch and Crypto Bape featuring Avorak in their videos. 

Big Eyes and the Prolonged ICO

Big Eye is a community-driven decentralized platform that supports environmentally friendly initiatives. Holders of the Big Eyes token, BIG, can create dApps on the Ethereum network. In its 11th stage, Big Eyes ICO is yet to conclude its presale, and analysts feel that its prolonged ICO may lead to investor uncertainty.

Why Avorak AI Will Outpace Big Eyes

Avorak AI’s focus on developing an AI-driven predictive analytics tool for the crypto industry could be highly attractive to investors, given the increasing demand for AI tools in various sectors. Avorak AI’s trade bots increase demand for Avorak AI’s tokens, driving up their value. Investors could find value in crypto trading by deploying trade bots for fast and efficient transactions.

While Big Eyes’ online platform for environmentalists is undoubtedly attractive, the market for such a platform may be limited compared to the AI industry, which is vast and growing rapidly. This could mean that Avorak AI has a larger addressable market and greater growth potential.

Avorak AI’s focus on simplified machine learning tools could attract the interest of established players who may be interested in partnering with them. This could provide Avorak AI with access to additional resources, expertise, and market opportunities. This could result in a more successful product launch and increased investor confidence.


ICOs have emerged as a game-changing funding model for cryptocurrency projects. While Big Eyes and Avorak AI are raising significant funding through their respective ICOs, Avorak AI’s stellar performance could outpace Big Eyes in the 2023 crypto space. 

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