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Will Handles Lead to Broader Cryptocurrency Adoption?

Despite being around for over  a decade, using cryptocurrencies remains a complex procedure for most people on this planet. One potential solution comes in the form of using official Handles, although privacy advocates don’t favor that approach by any means. 

Sending or receiving cryptocurrency payments is not straightforward for most people.

Handles are an Interesting Addition

They are either scared off by the complex pubkey addresses, or have never used QR codes before.

While that latter aspect is becoming increasingly rare, it is still a hurdle for broader crypto adoption today.

Finding a better solution is of the utmost importance. 

One option to explore comes in the form of using Handles.

It provides users with a pseudonym to receive or send payments with cryptocurrencies.

One such solution is already available on the market today.

In terms of achieving broader adoption, it appears to check the right boxes. 

Privacy advocates, on the other hand, aren’t too keen on a service that requires users to create an account.

As such, one has to wonder how popular these types of solutions will become now or in the future.

It is certainly an interesting option to explore for newcomers

More advanced users, on the other hand, will be more inclined to wait on better options.


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