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For those people who are patiently watching the cryptocurrency and digital asset price charts, it is always a matter of putting things in their right perspective. As far as the XRP price is concerned, stability has been one of its strong suits over the past few months, even though that isn’t necessarily to the liking of a lot of people. Even so, there isn’t much one can do about it either at this stage.

XRP Price Sideways Trading Continues

Over the past few months, there have been notable changes where most of the top cryptocurrencies and digital assets are concerned. Not all of these changes lead to major gains or losses, which is only to be expected at this stage. In the case of XRP, the second half of 2018 has resulted in a lot more price stability than initially thought possible. Despite this rather positive trend, a lot of holders and investors are hoping for that “oompf” to come back sooner rather than later.

Over the past 24 hours, no real XRP price change has been noted. For some holders and speculators, that will be rather disappointing, albeit the rest of the industry doesn’t seem to mind all that much. The 1% increase in USD value brings XRP back to the $0.357 level. A minor deficit in BTC value pushes the price down to 9,265 Satoshi. No big changes, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing either.

On social media, however, it is evident some people are genuinely growing impatient. The 7 God is a clear example, as this user demands Ripple provides some big news to send the XRP price upward again. That is easier said than done and wouldn’t necessarily have the desired effect in the first place either. One could argue the advice of “keep holding” is rather solid, though.

In a different kind of conversation, Sunny SoCAL wouldn’t mind seeing Elon Musk openly advocate for Ripple and XRP. This is one of those developments which virtually makes no sense on the surface and won’t lead to any real changes or developments in the future either. Even so, this user deserves some praise for effort, even if it won’t amount to anything in the long run.

American Digital Asset Partners firmly believes all of the institutions will solely invest in the top three assets and currencies ranked by market cap. As XRP is currently in third place, that will undoubtedly be included in this list sooner or later. While there isn’t anything wrong with being ambitious in terms of advocating one’s own holdings, it is still unclear what the future will hold for all of these currencies and assets in the years to come.

Based on these current market circumstance,s it would appear the XRP price will continue its sideways momentum for quite some time to come. That isn’t a bad thing by any means, especially when keeping in mind how problematic the year 2018 has been. Undoing all of that damage will take quite some time and no miracles should be expected in the near future. Projects with a working and viable infrastructure will always succeed in the long run. How long it will take for that success to materialize, is a different matter altogether.  

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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  1. I have held XRP for a long time. It really does get annoying when I see inferior coins go up to $100 and the best of the bunch wallows at $.35 for months. I haven’t bought more recently but I believe this will take time I may just not live long enough to cash in and retire

    • watch it moon right after u sell..hahhahahhaha. i’m gonna hodl for a long ass time, as nice as it would be to see it jump, I’ll just bet on it taking longer than we think.

    • 2 years tops. It will explode when the US stock market crashes in 2020. It is the only real crypto. Bitcoin has name recognition but XRP is the most useful and they are building a deep foundation in the money transfer business. In Asia it is the coin. XRP will soon take over SWIFT for transferring money across borders. Be patient and take your meds and stay healthy. It will happen sooner rather then later. It is a hard coin to buy. They make it that way because they know XRP will take over the whole crypto market as soon as the big corporations bring its use into full swing. When the other exchanges start letting you buy XRP with fiat BAM!!!!

  2. I just was thinking that the catalyst to rocket it would be for Coinbase to add it. Why they haven’t is beyond me. It is one of the top 3 so what are they waiting for? IF it could be easily traded it would gain value. Do they really think Litecoin is superior?


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