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YouTube Bans all Content Linking 5G and the Coronavirus

The coronavirus crisis has yielded some very interesting debates and discussions. One conspiracy theory involves how 5G spreads the virus, resulting in a blanket ban by YouTube.

There are many thoughts and ideas as to how the coronavirus pandemic really began.

A Sensible ban by YouTube, for a Change

Theories range from someone eating a bat to the involvement of 5G mobile technology.

That latter conspiracy theory is seemingly getting a lot of traction, at least on YouTube.

David Icke live-streamed an interview on the platform in which he linked 5G to the pandemic.

All of this follows reports of how 5G masts in England are being set on fire due to an allegedĀ  correlation with the coronavirus.

Icke also firmly believes that this new mobile connectivity protocol will end human life as people know it today.

While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, there is no proven correlation between 5G and the coronavirus.

Any information regarding such a correlation should be scrutinized first and foremost.

The BBC was quick to reach out to YouTube to ask why this livestream was even allowed to take place.

It could have been prevented from reaching a big audience before it even started.

For now, YouTube has decided to ban all controversial conspiracy theories regarding 5G and the coronavirus.

There is no official word as to how long this blanket ban will remain in place.


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