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$ZRO Gains Momentum On Arbitrum Network With Significant Transactions

The wallet address 0x11b3 recently received 1.69 million $ZRO tokens, valued at $6.46 million, from the @GSR_io wallet 0xd8d on the Arbitrum network.

This transaction follows a previous move where the same wallet used Binance as a bridge to convert 5 million $ZRO, approximately $13.99 million on the Ethereum network, to Arbitrum.

Currently, $ZRO holds a substantial portion of the 0x11b3 portfolio, totaling 6.7 million $ZRO worth $25.10 million on the Arbitrum chain, and 1.95 million $ZRO valued around $7.34 million on the ETH chain. The liquidity and activity of $ZRO on the Arbitrum network appear to be increasing, with platforms like showing more engagement with $ZRO on Arbitrum compared to Ethereum.

Further highlighting the activity, the @GSR_io wallet 0x11b withdrew 881,000 $ZRO, roughly $3.35 million, from OKX just five hours ago, bringing their total holdings to 9.53 million $ZRO, approximately $36.4 million.

$ZRO Recorded A Surge In Popularity On Bitrue’s Futures Market Space 

In the realm of trading, $ZRO has experienced a surge in popularity on Bitrue’s futures market within just two weeks, boasting a remarkable 24-hour trading volume exceeding 100 million USDT. Notably, the token’s price has surged by 38% in the last 48 hours as June came to a close.

These developments underscore $ZRO’s growing prominence and investor interest, particularly on the Arbitrum network, where significant transactions and trading activity are propelling its market presence forward.

Disclosure: This is not trading or investment advice. Always do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any services.

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