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3 Potential Delion Use Cases Elevating IOTA to the Next Level

Even though IOTA remains a rather ambitious project first and foremost, there is still plenty of work to be done prior to making a mainstream impact. The recent launch of Delion might shake things up in a positive manner. This new solution offers a few significant advantages and opportunities to bring IOTA to the masses in the months and years to come.

#3 Convenient Payments

There is a growing need to make the sending and receiving of cryptocurrencies a lot more convenient. No straightforward solution existed for IOTA until recently. Things have changed for the better, as the Delion launch will pave the way for numerous convenient payment solutions through its native API. Exploring opportunities via email will be the first order of business, which would make this concept somewhat similar to how PayPal operates in this day and age.

To achieve this potential, users will need to sign up for an account, fund their wallet, and input the recipient’s email address. It is not overly complicated at this stage, albeit there are still some concerns as to how Delion might lead to further centralization during the initial stages. Additionally, it seems the current API does not allow funds to be sent to external IOTA addresses, which can become a big problem moving forward.

#2 Direct Content Sales

For those who are intent on selling goods in exchange for IOTA – either physical or digital items – the new Delion API can introduce a fair few solutions moving forward. The project’s interface can connect to numerous online stores, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Bandcamp, and others. This makes it a lot more straightforward to integrate IOTA payments for shops, exchange platforms, and auctions alike.

One interesting aspect about Delion is how it also provides digital content shipment. Given the global demand for digital content in 018 and beyond, this particular aspect can enable a lot of functionality for IOTA as a payment method. It may also pave the way for device-to-device payment networks as part of the Internet of Things initiative.

#1 IOTA-Fiat Gateways

Perhaps the biggest benefit of Delion is how there is a native solution to buy and sell IOTA tokens in exchange for fiat currencies. By actively connecting the Delion API to payment gateways, a lot of interesting solutions can be explored in the future. Any online platform can effectively sell IOTA tokens through this method, although it remains to be seen if anyone will explore it for that specific business model.

Depending on which payment gateways will be supported, numerous payment methods for IOTA tokens can be introduced. A direct credit card to MITOA gateway is not out of the question. Direct payments are also making inroads among payment processors, which can help expose even more people to the MIOTA currency. An interesting future lies ahead either way, and Delion paves the way for some potentially major projects.


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