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IOTA Network Unveils LayerZero Cross-Chain Messaging Tech, Price Hits 6% Increase

IOTA Network’s ShimmerEVM has unveiled plans to incorporate LayerZero’s cross-chain messaging technology, enabling users to engage and transact seamlessly across multiple networks. Shimmer, situated within the IOTA ecosystem, serves as a blockchain platform granting developers access to unique features for creating and launching decentralized apps (dApps). ShimmerEVM, the platform’s layer […]

NulLTX IOTA Price Decline

What is the IOTA Permanode?

In the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry, network nodes play a major role of importance. The more nodes are online, the more secure the network has become in the process. As far as IOTA is concerned, the team has introduced a new solution which could be quite interesting. Known as Chronicle, […]

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Top IOTA Wallets for 2018

IOTA is one of the most solid platform with over $1 billion in market cap. For IOTA investors and users, finding a secure wallet is by far the most important thing. If you happen to stumble upon a fraudulent site or wallet, you may lose your IOTA in the blink […]