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3 Recent ZCash Developments Sparking Community Excitement

These are very exciting times for the ZCash community, by the look of things. The upcoming Sapling network upgrade will introduce a lot of positive changes to the network, though there are some other developments to take note of as well. Based on all of this momentum, it would seem the ZCash price will continue to rise in value over the coming weeks and months.

#3 SimpleSwap Listing

Although no one should get overly excited about seeing a cryptocurrency or digital asset getting listed on additional exchanges and trading platforms, an overall increase in liquidity is always a good thing. For ZEC, the currency has been added to the SimpleSwap platform, which is pretty interesting development for the cryptocurrency itself.

This particular platform can be quite significant for ZEC enthusiasts. It allows users to swap currencies directly without having to sign up or share any specific information. As such, it can provide some additional liquidity for ZCash moving forward, as these types of platforms are usually in high demand first and foremost.

#2 ZCash Marketcap overtakes Dogecoin

It has been a very interesting month for all different cryptocurrencies. Although Dogecoin appeared to have solidified its position in the market cap top 20, it seems that is no longer the case. Instead, ZCash has effectively taken back the market cap number 20 spot from Dogecoin, and it seems things may continue to improve moving forward.

While this may not seem like a major development at this time, it is evident the demand for Zcash appears to be on the rise as well. A higher demand for ZEC will push the market cap to higher values, as ZCash can reach a total valuation of $750m again in the coming months. That is a pretty positive development, all things considered.

#1 Guarda Mobile Wallet Goes Open Source

In the cryptocurrency industry, mobile wallets will play an increasing role of importance moving forward. For ZCash users, the choice of mobile wallets is a bit limited, though Guarda appears to be one of the more popular solutions to date. Especially now that the developers have made the code open source, the project will gain a bit more recognition moving forward.

Although going open source is something most people would associate with cryptocurrency wallets, the reality is often a bit different. In the case of Guarda, its wallet was closed source for a long time, though the team had made it clear they would open source the wallet code eventually. With this development now taking place, the Zcash ecosystem continues to grow and evolve.

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