4 Reasons to Take Note of Smart Contracts on Zilliqa

Smart contracts play a key role in the cryptocurrency industry moving forward. This new technology will allow for autonomous projects to exist on compatible blockchains. Zilliqa has recently integrated its smart contract technology, but it is also the first chain to offer smart contracts based on sharding. A few key notes are to be made in this regard.

More Competing Smart Contract Solutions

It is always good to see the overall ecosystem grow and expand. Smart contracts are deployed on a number of different blockchains in this day and age. However, there is always room for more competition. This is especially true when the project in question uses a different layer of scaling to ensure its smart contract technology is viable now and in the future.

For Zilliqa, the original launch of smart contract technology was expected quite some time ago Despite announcing it in the roadmap for a much earlier release date, it is often better to delay such developments until everything is working as expected. Most users and developers will not mind too much, as all they want are new toys to tinker with.

Sharding for Smart Contracts?

Cryptocurrency enthusiasts who have been around for a few years will know the term “sharding” by now. It is a scaling solution explored by numbers cryptocurrency and blockchain developers. Implementing this feature has proven to be a big challenge, although advancements have been made in recent years. Zilliqa is one of the first to effectively put this concept to the test in the real world.

For developers, the fact these smart contracts are based on sharing will be of great use. Despite all the promise a smart contract has, it is still constrained by the underpinning blockchain and its scaling problems. Sharding should take care of most of those issues for now, although it is still too early to draw conclusions. Once the first high-intensity contracts appear on Zilliqa, the picture will become a lot clearer.

Scilla is the Coding Language for Zilliqa

It is rather evident most smart contract languages are not in line with traditional coding languages. For Zilliqa, the language will be known as Scilla, which is seemingly easy to understand and worth with. Similar to its sharding technology, this coding language needs to be put through its paces first and foremost. Depending on the overall interest in exploring this option, a lot of valuable feedback can be collected accordingly.

A few Crucial Core Features

As is always the case when a new project of this scale comes to market, there have to be some key features to make it stand out. Zilliqa seems to check a few of the right boxes in this regard. Its smart contracts contain static analyzers which look for bugs and issues in the contract on their own. That in itself is a rather impressive feature, assuming it will work as advertised.

Another core feature is how the various operational aspects of a contract will be separated and handled independently. This is another feature aspiring developers have been looking for in recent years. Combined with the “safe standard libraries” which Scilla users, there is a lot of promise associated with Zilliqa’s new platform.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency or digital currency.

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