6 Altcoins to Watch Over the Weekend – 2018 Week 36 Edition

Every time the Bitcoin price goes up in a spectacular fashion, altcoins are usually to follow suit. Some currencies tend to show a lot more positive momentum than others in this regard. The following tokens, ranked by lowest to highest overall gains over Bitcoin at this time, show interesting things can happen over the next few days.

#6 Nano

nano cryptocurrency

It has been a rather interesting year for the Nano cryptocurrency. Especially due to its involvement in Venezuela’s economy as of late, it has become apparent Nano may be a far more interesting cryptocurrency for countries where financial hardship has become the new normal. Whether or not this is effectively attributing to Nano’s price development over Bitcoin – a 10.92% gain – remains to be seen, though.

#5 Ontology


It has been somewhat quiet where Ontology is concerned. This high-performance public blockchain network which can accommodate many different use cases and applications still has a lot of potential, assuming the right parties get involved in this ecosystem. It is also closely linked to NEO, which is rather interesting. Over the past few hours, ONT gained 11.35% over Bitcoin, which is rather solid.

#4 Dentacoin


Not to be confused with mobile data-oriented DENT, Dentacoin is a currency designed to serve as a cryptocurrency and blockchain platform for dentists all over the world.  Although making any inroads in this particular industry will always be challenging. It is evident here is some interest in this currency as of right now. A strong gain over Bitcoin by 12.65% further confirms things are heading in the right direction.

#3 LBRY Credits

lbry credits

Albeit most people have no idea what this altcoin is or does, it is the native currency of a content-creation network with a free and community-run digital marketplace. The native token powering it all is known as LBRY Credits, and it is going through a resurgence against Bitcoin as of right now, thanks to a 14.68% gain in quick succession. The currency is still down by 98% from its all-time high, though, thus these gains may not last all that long.

#2 Centrality

centrality cryptocurrency


Another altcoin project mainly unknown to the general public goes by the name of Centrality. It is a new project designed to create a blockchain application marketplace, although it remains to be seen how well this project will fare. The name alone may not be sufficient to get a lot of people excited. Despite its 18.53% gain over Bitcoin, the currency is still stuck in the dirt due to very low overall trading volume.

#1 Raiden Network Token

raiden network

The Raiden Network is an independent protocol layer to facilitate trustless payments over the Ethereum blockchain. As such, it will be a valuable addition to the Ethereum ecosystem as a whole. Even so, its individual token requirement may put off some users in the end. Raiden Network Token has successfully gained 22.8% over Bitcoin in the past few hours. It remains to be seen how high the value will go this time around.

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