6 Altcoins to Watch Over the Weekend – 2018 Week 47 Edition

It is obviously not too many cryptocurrencies will effectively note some gains over the weekend. In the case of Bitcoin and Ethereum, things are not looking great. Even further down the rankings, not much is happening, although some currencies note interesting gains in the past few hours. The following currencies stand out in this regard.

Bitcoin Gold

As mentioned in the Bitcoin Gold price article, it would appear this altcoin is rising out of the blue in value. Although one has to commend such developments given the overall bearish momentum, one also has to wonder what the future will hold in the long run. Bitcoin Gold still lacks real use cases, thus its value remains speculative first and foremost.

Bitcoin Diamond

It is rather interesting to see how the forked versions of Bitcoin are suddenly getting a lot of attention. The only currency to date to make any real impact is Bitcoin Cash, yet that fork is losing a fair bit of value in the past few hours. As such, the Bitcoin Diamond price currently notes a healthy 20% gain, pushing its value above $1.16 once again.


The price of Revain has seen some interesting changes over the past few weeks, although the overall price momentum seems to be favorable at this time. Courtesy of a new 7.5% gain in SUD value, one R is valued at $0.17 again. A positive sign, considering how all markets are struggling significantly.


Not too many seem to pay attention to Ardor these days, even though the altcoin is currently noting some strong gains in USD value. Thanks to a healthy 5% push in the past few hours, this altcoin is successfully bucking an otherwise negative trend. As such, it will be interesting to see how this trend will continue as the weekend progresses.


It is not the first time the Quarkchain price starts moving up over the past few weeks. In today’s edition, the value per QKC has risen by roughly 7.5%, which is a pretty interesting development to keep an eye on moving forward. It is also one of the few markets in the top 100 to note any real gains, which is rather spectacular in its own regard.


The final currency noting some decent gains at the time of writing is Nexo. This particular altcoin is relatively quiet on the price front first and foremost, although it currently notes a near 4% gain in USD value over the past few hours. That in itself confirms things are looking somewhat decent for Nexo right now, albeit sustaining these gains will prove to be extremely difficult first and foremost.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.

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