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6 Forgotten Platforms Still Accepting Bitcoin in 2018

Even though there are numerous websites which seemingly accept Bitcoin payments, it has become apparent a lot of companies have dropped support as well. The following six service providers all accept Bitcoin, despite most people not even being aware of them doing so in this day and age.

#6 OKCupid

Although most Bitcoin users should not necessarily be looking for a paid matchmaking service, it is still interesting to note how OKCupid effectively accepts Bitcoin as a payment method in 2018. This decision has not been actively advertised recently, but it seems the popular platform is keen on dealing with this payment method despite its falling value.

#5 The Internet Archive

Most internet users will have come across the Internet Archive at some point or another. The digital library of free and borrowable books has integrated Bitcoin support quite some time ago. Although this is primarily for donation purposes right now, it is still a pretty big development which should receive a lot more support from cryptocurrency holders.

#4 ShopJoy

For those who reside in Australia, the ShopJoy website is well worth checking out. This company specializes in selling novelty and unique gifts, and they accept Bitcoin for quite some time now. It is also a platform accepting BTC directly, rather than having to buy a gift card for it through the likes of Gyft. Well worth checking out when looking for something unique.

#3 MovieTickets

This online platform is quite interesting to keep an eye on. They allow US residents to buy movie tickets through a convenient web interface regardless of their current location in the country. They also accept Bitcoin as a payment method, which can make for a rather interesting option to check out moving forward. It is one of those platforms people often forget exists, let alone accepts Bitcoin.

#2 T-Mobile Poland

It is rather uncommon for major cell carriers to effectively support Bitcoin. Although this might not necessarily happen in the US anytime soon, T-Mobile Poland has taken the plunge several years ago. To date, it appears they still accept Bitcoin as a way to top-up balances and credit, though it does not appear this service will be extended to other international branches anytime soon.

#1 Green Man Gaming

For those who like to purchase digital games across different platforms, Green Man Gaming is an option well worth checking out. The online reseller of video game codes has enabled Bitcoin payments some time ago in an effort to actively rival Steam and Kinguin, among others. Their selection is quite impressive, and pricing appears to be more than fair, all things considered.


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