7 Exchanges for Buying Bitcoin with Euros in 2018

Buying Bitcoin still remains a big problem in most parts of the world. That’s not necessarily because it is difficult to do so, but rather because very few platforms offer this service. When it comes to buying Bitcoin with euros, there are a few exchanges worth looking into. Not all of them have the clout of the market elders, yet competition is always a good thing.


Although this exchange is often overlooked by cryptocurrency users, the platform has been around for several years now. It also provides fiat currency gateways for Bitcoin and a few other currencies, and the company supports EUR transactions. Volume-wise, CEX is one of the less popular companies these days, but it still makes for an interesting choice for novice users.


Not too many people are familiar with this exchange. Bitinka is a global Bitcoin exchange located in Latin America. The company supports Bitcoin trading, as well as around a dozen altcoins. Among the fiat currencies supported are the US dollar, the euro, and a few others. It’s another valid choice for novice traders, although it’s not necessarily the go-to exchange for newcomers.


A lot of people are surprised that Cryptonex supports fiat-based trading of Bitcoin. The platform seems more like a broker than an actual exchange, although the platform has an order book for users to take advantage of. The platform supports debit and credit card purchases, assuming one’s bank doesn’t block these types of transactions.

Coinbase Pro / Coinbase

Coinbase fits on any list when it comes to buying or selling Bitcoin in exchange for most major fiat currencies. It is no surprise the company also caters to users and speculators in Europe. Surprisingly, it’s not that popular in Europe just yet, although that has always been a very small market compared to the US.


Whereas most people associate Bitfinex with USD trading only, the company has made a name for itself in Europe as well. Its support of EUR-based trading for Bitcoin often goes by unnoticed, although the pair has been generating a bit more volume in the past few months.


As one of the bigger European exchanges, Bitstamp is in a good position to cater to the European market, although there is still a lot of room for improvement. It is evident Europe is still a small market for cryptocurrency, and companies such as Bitstamp need to keep pushing into this area.


Although not everyone is a big fan of the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange, it provides users with access to many cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairs, including the euro. Kraken is still one of the more popular exchanges in Europe, which is an interesting situation for other companies to take advantage of in the future.

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