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Airdrop Alert – EOSISH Tokens to All EOS and MyWish Holders

Typically, there are no guaranteed profits or free lunches in the highly volatile markets of cryptocurrency. Airdrops however, provide one such example, as tokens are freely distributed to certain groups. While these airdrops typically do not amount to much, rare exceptions grant a batch of coins that have appreciated to hundreds or thousands of dollars worth of crypto.

One such airdrop to keep an eye on in the next couple of weeks is the EOSISH airdrop. EOSISH comes from the MyWish project, a smart contract creation platform that services the Bitcoin, Ethereum, NEO, and most recently, EOS blockchains.

Primarily, MyWish contracts are used as a comprehensive ICO creation solution. These contracts can be used to execute token creation, airdrops, and crowdfunding, among other activities. The tools required are accessible for ICOs on ETH, EOS, or NEO. Additionally, MyWish offers a variety of other contracts: investment pools, lost key recoveries, and even a contract for one’s will and wedding.


EOSISH is going to be airdropped to every EOS and WISH holder. For those who hold EOS, EOSISH will be delivered at the rate of two EOSISH for every 100 EOS. WISH holders have the much sweeter deal, receiving EOSISH at a 1:1 ratio. The snapshot for the airdrop will be on October 16 at 15:00 GMT. The tokens will be distributed three weeks following the snapshot.

EOSISH represents, of course, an EOS token. As such, MyWish holders will need to create an EOS account prior to the snapshot. Fortunately, MyWish also offers the ability to create an EOS account through their platform. From there, participants will have to link their EOS account to their ETH address that holds MyWish. A step-by-step guide for these actions is provided on the project’s Medium page. EOS accounts with at least 100 EOS will be automatically eligible to receive their EOSISH.

Close to equal amounts of EOSISH will be distributed to WISH and EOS holders: roughly 19.8 million EOSISH for every WISH and 20.2 million to EOS accounts. 5 million will also be set aside for both the team and bounty opportunities, for a total supply of 50 million EOSISH. The bounty supply supports 40 EOSISH for all who join the MyWish Telegram and register for the airdrop.

The token will be the fuel behind EOS activity on the MyWish platform. Rather than requiring an ERC token for contracts on the “Ethereum killer”, EOS supporters can endorse a token that corresponds to their own network.

MyWish has already began collaboration with several entities in the EOS space, such as EOS Argentina. As MyWish is the only smart contract provider on EOS, their inclusion of an EOS-based token is poised to build communications and cooperations between the two entities moving forward.


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