Author: Zane Huffman

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Tezos Flying High on Coinbase Announcement

With bitcoin dominance at close to 65%, altcoin season and the associated fireworks have not yet emerged. However, strong cryptocurrency markets suggest that big updates garner big reactions. Today’s announcement from Coinbase regarding Tezos is the most recent case. Hours ago, Coinbase announced that Tezos (XTZ) will be integrated onto […]

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Bitcoin Fights to Break Above $11,000

Yesterday’s Fourth of July fireworks across the USA were not the only explosions. To say that Bitcoin’s market has been animated recently would be a massive understatement. As Bitcoin has frenzied throughout Q2 of this year and the start of Q3, four figure price movements and double-digit percentage swings have […]

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BNB Down, Binance Markets Tank on US Exclusion

The relationship between cryptocurrency exchanges and regulators have historically represented a precarious one. As the space continues to grow and mature, regulators are taking an increasingly active and firm approach to the compliance and cooperation of exchanges. Binance is the most recent player affected by this dynamic. Early this morning, […]