Author: James Woods

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Ripple is less decentralized than BTC and ETH, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing

Grayscale, an institutional crypto asset management company, recently released a report analyzing XRP’s coin history, protocol, price, transaction speed and more. According to the report, the early developers of the XRP Ledger focused on creating a fast protocol that challenged established financial systems. Grayscale found that Ripple is less decentralized […]

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Forget About ICOs. Serial Entrepreneur Marvin Steinberg Explains Why STOs are the Future

Over the last few years, companies have felt that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to reliably raise capital needed for expansion. Subsequently, founders began to seek fundraising methods beyond the traditional channels.  Fortunately, the timing was just right for an innovative solution. Marvin Steinberg, a serial entrepreneur, explains that Blockchain technology, […]


6 Ways to Keep Your Business Up-To-Date

Modern businesses must stay up-to-date in order to function well and keep up with competitors. However, companies that neglect to do so fall behind in performance and severely limit their productivity. Consider these ways to maintain a business that remains relevant every year. 6. Study Industry Trends Reading industry magazines […]