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Bitcoin Price Offers Bullish Hope Ahead of the Weekend

As the weekend almost dawns upon the cryptocurrency industry, there are several possible scenarios waiting to play out. In the bearish sense, Bitcoin might lose a bit of value and drag all alternative markets with it. So far, it seems there is no real pressure yet, as the $5,300 level remains ripe for the taking. This is positive Bitcoin price news, albeit weekends remain unpredictable.

Bitcoin Price Momentum Remains Intact

When the world’s leading cryptocurrency so much as dares to move an inch in either direction, there will be new price predictions being charted. Bitcoin has captivated a lot of traders’ hearts, even though it is not moving up as swiftly as some people would like. Even so, it seems the world’s leading cryptocurrency shows no signs of weakness yet despite a very bearish hourly candle not that long ago.

All things considered, there is no reason to be surprised where the current Bitcoin price is concerned. As was to be expected somewhat, the $5,300 level remains in place, although the actual struggle for control is still ongoing. This latest 0.07% gain brings the market one step closer to success, but it seems likely this battle will resume over the coming days.

On social media, it would appear the opinions regarding Bitcoin continue to dominate the landscape. Mihai sees no reason for more people to run a full Bitcoin node, even though that would never be a bad thing either. It is certainly true not every Bitcoin user needs t do so, but those who feel the desire to run one shouldn’t be discouraged either.

A slightly different opinion is provided by Cryptomer, who is merely interested in the current and future price changes. It is certainly true everyone wants a major surge, yet it remains to be seen if and when things will play out accordingly. This user also refers to the real capitulation in the next quarter, albeit that might be a bit of an optimistic outlook.

Please, who might have one of the more interesting Twitter handles in the cryptocurrency industry, wants an early Christmas present from the top crypto markets. That will primarily depend on how the value of Bitcoin evolves, thus it would make sense to pay a bit more attention to the world’s leading cryptocurrency.

It will be difficult to predict where Bitcoin’s price heads next. All signs seem to indicate there is bullish momentum in place, but it might not necessarily lead to any convincing value changes for any market. Bitcoin direly needs a push to well beyond $5,300 for more than a few hours on end, but this weekend might not be the right time to do so.

Disclaimer: This is not trading or investment advice. The above article is for entertainment and education purposes only. Please do your own research before purchasing or investing into any cryptocurrency.


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