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BitKeep LaunchPad (HeroBook) Closed 227% Oversubscribed

BitKeep LaunchPad (HeroBook) was officially opened on April 15th. It was reported that the project was oversubscribed within 4 hours of its launch, the ratio then reached 227 before the event closed.  The BitKeep LaunchPad (HeroBook) generated real hype in communities at home and abroad, reflecting a warm welcome for Gamefi 2.0 from optimistic users.

HBG (HeroBook) is scheduled to be listed on PancakeSwap (the largest DEX on BCS) on May 2 and will be listed on other well-established DEXs soon, which will attract the attention of more investors for sure.

Herobook, offering its token on BitKeep’s LaunchPad in two rounds including a whitelist round, was more than well-received. Crypto users interested in HeroBook please follow BitKeep and HeroBook on Twitter @BitKeepOS and @HeroBookGlobal to learn about related information and other rewarding events for the first time.

HeroBook is a blockchain game that aims to connect blockchain and traditional video games. With NFT Heroes, players can participate in a different section of the game, starting a new expedition in Heroland, fighting against other players, finishing daily routines, and improving arena rankings to get generous token rewards.

As the first decentralized digital wallet to launch a LaunchPad section, BitKeep divided it into BitKeep Project and Aggregated Project. BitKeep LaunchPad will continue to bring more opportunities for users to participate in promising projects in their early stages.

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