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BitRefill Adds Amazon Gift Cards to Its Platform

The chances of Amazon ever accepting cryptocurrency payments directly are slim to none. It is evident the world’s leading e-commerce giant wants nothing to do with Bitcoin or any of the altcoins, regardless of how popular they may become. BitRefill has come up with an intermediary solution in this regard through its new Amazon voucher and gift card services.

Another Step Forward for BitRefill

It is evident a lot of companies can benefit from making cryptocurrency more useful and accessible. One of the biggest problems associated with this industry is that there is seemingly no convenient way to spend Bitcoin or altcoins without jumping through various hoops. It is an unfortunate state of affairs, but there is very little one can do about it at this stage.

This is one of the reasons why gift card services have become so popular over the years. Consumers enjoy spending Bitcoin and altcoins on gift cards which they can then redeem for products and services. Gyft has become one of the bigger players in this area, mainly because of its vast selection of supported gift cards.

It now seems BitRefill is looking to get in on the action. The company has introduced a new way for users to spend Bitcoin in exchange for Amazon gift cards and vouchers. This feature is limited to U.S. gift certificates at this stage, and it is unclear whether an international expansion is a future possibility.

It is also worth noting that BitRefill’s new service does not just support Bitcoin. The company has enabled support for Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Dogecoin as well. Some people may wonder why Bitcoin Cash is not on that list, although it is clear that this feature is still in the very early stages. A lot more functionality is expected to be added in the very near future.

The available gift cards are somewhat limited in value. BitRefill users can purchase cards loaded with up to $100 each, which is more than sufficient for most everyday purchases these days. This is not the only service BitRefill offers at this stage, although it is by far the company’s biggest addition to date. Making Amazon more accessible to cryptocurrency users is always a smart business move.

It is evident that this is still a case of cryptocurrency users needing to jump through hoops to get their hands on ways to spend Bitcoin and select altcoins in a convenient manner. BitRefill offers a very interesting solution in this regard, especially with the addition of Amazon gift cards. It is a positive development for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole, although it remains to be seen whether there will be any real interest in this option.


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