Blast Rewards Gamers With Savings and Money

Video games have gotten a bit of a bad reputation over the years. Solutions such as Blast might change that narrative, as it comes gaming with finances in a rather intriguing manner. 

Most gaming enthusiasts would love to make money by playing their favorite video games. To this date, that has proven to be virtually impossible, for rather obvious reasons.

Blast Rewards Players of Video Games

With Blast, that situation has become a bit different. It allows gamers to save money and even make money by simply playing the video games they love.

The savings app is compatible with most of the major games on the market today. That includes the likes of Fortnite, PuBG, Warframe, Candy Crush, and Clash Royale. 

Players who connect their checking account to Blast will make money as they advance on the platform’s leaderboard by completing missions.

After a bank account has been linked, users need to make a small deposit. There are maximum limits in place to prevent players from “wasting” their finances.

Rewards range anywhere from a few cents up to a full dollar for completing levels and missions.

Every Mission a gamer completes will earn them experience points. The weekly leaderboard leader will receive $50 for their efforts.

The main selling point is making money by simply completing missions linked to one’s favorite video games. 

Albeit no one will become a millionaire by exploring these missions, there appears to be some good money to be made by doing things one would engage in otherwise.  

At this time, Blast is not available in all countries, primarily due to regulatory restrictions regarding their business model. 

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