Blockchain Company EZToken Launches Cryptocurrency Rewards Program EZToken Rewards

Sydney-based blockchain company EZToken has announced it’s global cryptocurrency loyalty program, EZToken rewards. Hoa Nguyen, Founder of EZToken Rewards recently stated that he expects cryptocurrencies to replace points and miles as the dominant loyalty currency around the world.

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He believes that consumers want a loyalty program which provides them with value, flexibility on how they use that value and an assurance the value won’t be taken away from them via expiry.

Rather than reward users with points or “bucks” like other reward programs, EZToken will look to reward users with cryptocurrency. Users are able to receive EZToken cryptocurrency for a transaction with applicable merchants.

Users could also of course exchange the EZTokens for other cryptos on exchanges, giving them far more versatility and real-world application than closed system currencies like reward points.

Consulting and Partnership Details

The company has also recently partnered with Surpass Business Solutions, which unlocks possibilities for up to 3000 new Australian retailers, which will further accelerate the growth of the merchant network.

Loyalty & Reward Co, an Australian company that provides consulting, platform solutions, and reward product supply for companies looking to implement loyalty programs, will be offering their consulting services for EZToken’s reward program.

Philip Shelper, Loyalty & Reward Co CEO also stated some of the benefits that the program can offer its users;

“Loyalty & Reward Co is proud to be providing consulting support to EZToken Rewards for their worldwide launch. We absolutely see the benefits of replacing loyalty points with cryptocurrencies and we’re confident consumers will too. It’s time for the loyalty industry to be disrupted, and EZToken Rewards are leading the way with over 80 retailers already participating in the program using the innovative EZScan© point of sale device which rewards members instantly.”

Adam Posner, CEO of The Point of Loyalty, has also provided consulting for the project, including insights from their annual Australian loyalty research study;

‘for love or money 2018’ on the opportunity for cryptocurrencies to be an alternative to loyalty points. Posner said, “Our latest ‘for love or money 2018′ research reveals that Australian loyalty program members have an appetite for cryptocurrency as a reward with 36% of members expressing an interest in being rewarded with cryptocurrency instead of points”

Cryptocurrency As Reward Increasingly Popular

As cryptocurrency awareness spreads, the percentage of users willing to receive cryptocurrency instead of reward points will likely increase. Since cryptocurrency is exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies and many people can consider them “real money” over points that can only be used in a closed system, loyalty programs all over the world can be more effective in retaining long-term customers.

To learn more about the reward system, visit EZtoken’s website here. For updates about EZtoken, make sure to follow them on both Facebook and Twitter. Check out the team and their experience over on Linkedin. To chat with the community and team members, join their Telegram channel. EZtoken also has a Bitcointalk for those wanting to discuss all thing crypto. For blog updates and articles posted by EZtoken, check out their Medium.

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