Blockchain Financial Investment Platform Trade.io sponsors Bloomberg ‘Future of Cryptocurrencies’ Event

Often when news of a blockchain related product, platform or service is announced, there is a digital token tied to it which is usually traded on cryptocurrency exchanges around the world.

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Worlds Collide

However, blockchain innovations don’t stop there and often reverse the trends. Trade.io is a prime example of this. Trade.io is an exchange platform where users utilize the native token called Trade, to access traditional liquidity pools on a decentralized and democratized platform.

On the Trade.io exchange, users and investors have access to multiple traditional investment avenues such as commissions, margin interests, spreads and so on. It uses peer-to-peer platforms to provide a broad range of assets, all purchasable with the Trade token.

A Trade.io Sponsored Bloomberg Event

Fascinatingly, the platform has garnered a great deal of attention from industry heavyweights and will be sponsoring ‘The Future of Cryptocurrencies’, an event hosted by Bloomberg at their offices in London, England.

The by-invitation-only event will be focusing on cryptocurrencies and their place in the future; experts and leading industry players from the nascent digital currency markets will be bringing forth topics such as regulation, causes for volatility and potential trading strategies.

The list of attendees includes more than 200 industry executives and international behemoths such as UBS, Societe Generale, and IBM. This is the first event produced by Bloomberg Live to exclusively cover cryptocurrencies.

With opening remarks from trade.io Jim Preissler, the list of speakers includes:

John Patrick Mullin, trade.io

Ajit Tripathi, Partner, ConsenSys

Mona El Isa, Melonport, CEO & Co-founder

Oliver con Landsberg-Sadie, BCB Group CEO

Nic Niedermowwe, Prime Factor Capital Co-Founder & CEO

Stijn Vander Straeten, CEO, Crypto Storage Ag

Jim Preissler, trade.io’s CEO, said he believed that Bloomberg’s involvement in this event illustrates how crypto and blockchain are becoming more and more accepted by mainstream finance.

Jim also stated that will be many interesting, thought-provoking panels which will include an opening remark from himself, as well as the Director of Research & Development, John Patrick Mullin and Helen Astaniou, trade.io’s Chief Marketing Officer. The company view this as a great opportunity to both showcase trade.io’s industry knowledge and technology and bring a greater understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and how it can enhance traditional financial markets.

The event begins on Friday, June 29th, 08:30 am GMT and ends at 1 pm GMT at the Bloomberg Headquarters, 3 Queen Victoria Street, London.

Trade.io is positioning itself as a next-generation financial institution, backed by blockchain technology. Its goal is to provide cutting-edge security and transparency through its exchange as well as its Token Sale Consulting Services and Angel Investment Program.

In January of 2018, trade.io finalized its token sale with over 31 Million USD raised; it’s clear to see that the trade.io platform is chiming with public and private entities around the globe, especially for those who are seeking greater fluidity and transparency in the financial markets.

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