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Can China Even Stop the Coronavirus?

The coronavirus outbreak continues to dominate media headlines all over the world. It is now officially confirmed that this virus is deadlier than SARS, in terms of total lives claimed.

In the beginning, no one took the coronavirus threat too seriously.

Can the Coronavirus be Stopped Soon?

Three months later, the entire world appears to be on notice and genuinely concerned.

Over 800 people have succumbed to the coronavirus, with thousands more infected at this time.

Those are the official figures shared by the Chinese government, which may not necessarily be accurate.

In comparison, SARS claimed 775 lives globally in 2003.

One also has to keep in mind that SARS ran rampant for over eight months. 

The coronavirus is already deadlier in a three-month time span, with more new cases being discovered every single day.

Despite these figures, several key questions remain unanswered at this time.

There is no indication that China can effectively stop the outbreak in its tracks.

In fact, more cities are being quarantined, indicating that this is a much bigger problem than originally anticipated.

All of this news also has a massive financial impact.

Not just on China itself, but on a global scale.

That doesn’t bode well for those not affected by the coronavirus as they will face a very different threat.


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