Can NEO 3.0 Improve Upon the Current dApp Problems?

Building a blockchain ecosystem capable of supporting dApps is one thing. Getting developers to build dApp solutions which people keep using, is seemingly difficult for NEO.

Similar to other ecosystems, the NEO blockchain is home to quite a few different distributed applications.

NEO Direly Needs Better dApps

Not all of those offerings are a long-term success, albeit that is only normal.

On Reddit, an interesting discussion has broken out regarding the viability of NEO as a dApp ecosystem.

With just over a handful of active applications on the market today, things are not looking too promising. 

It is also worth noting how Travala has moved off NEO’s blockchain, and migrated to Binance Chain.

Turning this situation around again is not impossible, but will require a lot of work.

It seems that an influx of new dApps is direly needed at this stage.

More specifically, applications that keep people engaged on a daily or weekly basis. 

Competing with the other dApp chains on the market is not easy either.

Ethereum continues to dominate this landscape without breaking a sweat, by the look of things. 

Other noteworthy ecosystems include EOS, TRON, and so forth. 

It is difficult to offer something unique that doesn’t already exist or is in heavy demand.


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